Windmill - Cozy Stories

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    Number of Players: 3-5
    Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 8+

    In Windmill: Cozy Stories, players will be storytellers, weaving short tales based on the hidden picture cards they draw.

    While one player tells a story, the other players will attempt to guess the visible card that matches the story.

    The more opponents that guess incorrectly, the more points the storyteller receives when a player does correctly identify the card. On the other hand, if all players fail to guess the picture, the storyteller will lose points instead of winning them!

    • 25 Large storyteller cards
    • 24 Small table cards
    • 1 Double-sided Windmill card
    • 1 Board with points track
    • 5 Wooden player pawns
    • 1 First player token
    • Rulebook

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