Magic: the Gathering collections can grow quickly, and you don't need ALL those cards right!?

Trade us your unwanted Magic Cards for cash or store credit and put it towards something you REALLY want!




How it Works

  • Submit Your List

    Use our ONLINE BUYLIST FEATURE to submit a list of the cards you want to trade in. Be sure to select whether you wish to trade the cards in for CASH or STORE CREDIT.  You must be logged in for this to work.

    Store Credit will always earn you a higher return, and can be used towards anything in store or online with very few exceptions.

    You may notice that some cards are unable to be added to the list. Low-Value cards are traded in as 'Bulk' and some other cards and sets are not ones we typically trade for (see below).
  • We Confirm Your List

    We will look over your list before confirming. It is possible that at this stage we make changes or even refuse a list for various reasons, but usually we will confirm - we want your cards!

    You will get an email when the list is confirmed telling you to bring us your cards.

    We will do our best to get back to you quickly, but sometimes it can take as much as 24 hours to hear back.
  • Bring Your Cards In

    Bring your cards to the store. At this point we will confirm that your cards match the list and are the condition that you indicated. If something is off we will discuss it with you and confirm any changes you'd like to make.

    If your list is fairly large (30 cards +) we would appreciate it if you brought the cards in the same order as the cart you submitted - this will allow us to confirm things much easier.
  • You Get Paid!

    We pay you in either Cash or Store Credit.



Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Sell You Cheap Cards?

We are interested in all cards, but some cards are so inexpensive that it's not worth our time to price them out individually.  We don't price out cards valued below $1.50, but you can sell us 'bulk' cards for these prices:

BULK LOW-END RARES: $1.00 / 20
BULK BASIC LANDS: $3.00 / 1000

To make a bulk trade just contact us and we can arrange it.

Can I Sell You Really Expensive Cards?

So you've got a Power 9 and you want to move it?  Cards with a value of $1000.00 or above can't be submitted via the BUYLIST FEATURE, but we're always willing to negotiate for great cards.

Contact Us and we can discuss it.

Can I Sell You Cards from Other Games?
Currently we only deal in singles for Magic: the Gathering.  This may change in the future however, so check back!
How Do You Set Card Values?

Our prices are based on an average market price that is automatically generated, then converted to Canadian Dollars.  It's all done automatically by little gremlins inside the internet.

How Do You Set Your Buy Price?

The prices we buy for are based on a percentage of the price we sell for - they are 100% linked.  This number automatically drops a little bit if we happen to already have many copies.

Cash & Store Credit offers calculate at different percentages with Store Credit always being the best value.

Can I Sell You Cards Through the Mail?

If you can't drop the cards off in person you CAN sell to us by mailing your cards in. Simply send us your cards during STEP 3. Contact Us to arrange it.

Please Note: You are responsible for getting the cards to us, and back from us if the deal falls through. We highly recommend shipping with a method that has a tracking number as we take no responsibility for lost shipments.