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The success of Black Knight Games comes directly from our amazing employees.  We are blessed with an amazing community of gamers, and have been able to draw from that to have some great staff that are enthusiastic gamers that love this community and helping to grow it.

While we are growing, we are still a fairly small business so we aren't always hiring.  That said, when there are not jobs posted below, you are always welcome to

submit a resume.  Please title the message 'RESUME'.  We also very much encourage you to include a cover letter explaining why you would like to work in a game store and what you feel you bring to the table in that role.


BKG is hiring for one full-time position! We’ve grown a lot recently, and we need to take on another team member to continue to bring you your favourite games and events.

As our new staff member, you would be responsible for

  • Working a flexible schedule often until 10:30pm, most weekends, and some holidays
  • Talking to customers and helping them make informed purchases
  • Helping run events, especially within game systems of expertise
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, bathroom cleaning, and setting our up space for customers

Our ideal new staff member

  • Loves board games, card games, role-playing games, and miniatures
  • Has experience in retail sales
  • Is familiar with point-of-sale programs and websites like MS RMS and Shoppify
  • Has a willingness to learn and grow as the position evolves
  • Is an underrepresented member of our diverse community including, but not limited to women, BIPOC folks, and the LGBTQ+ community.

As a staff member, expect

  • A starting salary of $31,200/year with annual increases based on cost of living, performance, and increased responsibility
  • Employee discounts and product opportunities, after a probation period
  • Paid vacation time including one additional personal day per year. Paid sick time, and an expectation that your team will support your health and safety needs

At Black Knight Games, we take a passion for community and connection, and we use it to dream big. Our customers walk in and are transported to a place equal parts fantastical and welcoming. Our staff curate that experience, working hard to get all the details right.

Our team members care about connecting with our customers and are constantly looking for ways BKG can create memorable experiences. If you’re ambitious, detail-oriented, and excited to leave your mark on the BKG community, you’re probably a good fit for our team.

Please email your resume and cover letter (in a PDF format if possible) to our hiring manager Rebecca (at) blackknightgames (dot) ca. Initial interviews will be conducted over zoom. Applications must be received by April 28th

As a condition of employment, you are required to provide proof that you are fully vaccinated or provide proof of valid exemption satisfactory to the employer prior to your start date. You must acknowledge and agree to comply with any future vaccine policy requirements as an ongoing condition of employment at Black Knight Games.



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