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Lockdown Begins DEC 21

Unfortunately Hamilton will be entering 'lockdown protocols' starting on Monday, December 21st.  For a full rundown of our COVID-19 protocols and up-to-date status check out our COVID-19 Policy Page.

Obviously this is unfortunate timing with Christmas and Boxing Day coming up - this is usually a very busy shopping time.  It's not unsurprising however, and we have been planning for this possibility.  We are making the following adjustments as we enter lockdown:

This will be the last chance for people to shop in person before the lockdown, and before Christmas.  So we are extending our shopping hours to be more accommodating, and also to spread shoppers out over more time to improve on safety.

SAT, December 19th: 10:00am - 9:00pm
SUN, December 20th: 10:00am - 9:00pm

We will be making improvements to our Curbside Pickup offering.  Signs will be added to the parking lot to designate Curbside Pick-Up spots.  We have also added infrastructure to our webstore to make it clearer where to go and what to do to plan out your pickup better.

We have hired someone to do daily deliveries in the Hamilton area, and we are exploring ways to expand this further.  When you select Local Delivery you are picking the fastest way to get the product to your door that we can manage!

We have both Canada Post and FedEx as shipping options, and we ship out every week day.  Bear in mind that there are delays in shipping overall, but we will do our absolute best to get it out of our door ASAP.

We have been working A LOT on our website this year, but now that we are going in to lockdown we are going to increase our efforts to make sure that our products are up on there and easy to find!  We are especially proud of our Holiday Page!

Without being able to walk around and pick up products yourself we will be increasing our efforts to show off cool products on social media so that you can get some great ideas!

It is very unfortunate that we are in this position, nobody wants a lockdown.  But, we are glad to be doing our part to continue to serve our customers while working towards improving the safety and health of those in this community.  We will get through this together.  We thank you for your support and your understanding.

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