COVID-19 Policy

IN STORE GAMING: Full Capacitiy, Masks recommended, but no longer required.  No outside food.  Snacks & Drinks at Tables permitted for short times.
CURBSIDE PICK-UP: Knock when you get here, call us (905-296-3401) and we will bring your order out to you!
LOCAL DELIVERY: We are doing deliveries to the Hamilton area, ask us about having your game delivered to you for a small fee!  Deliveries will typically go out same or next day!
SHIPPING: We ship out orders daily with both FedEx and Canada Post.
ALTERNATIVE GAMING: Join our Exile FB Group!  We are running a variety of remote events and challenges.

Given the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation worldwide we at Black Knight Games have been monitoring the situation very closely. This is something that will affect people in different ways – different levels of anxiety are reasonable. The situation seems to change regularly, but we will be addressing this situation in the following ways:

We are open to in-store shopping
Ontario's lockdown has ended, so for the time-being we are open once more to in-store shopping!  Masks are no longer required, however they are recommended.  We will supply hand-sanitizer and masks for those that could use it.  Please keep distance when possible.

We are adjusting the hours that we are available
We have adjusted the hours we are available to the public. You can still message us via Facebook Messenger, or call us. You can expect to be answered within the following hours (although you may get an answer at other times):

MON-Fri: 12:00pm – 8:00pm

SAT: 10am - 8pm 

SUN: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

In-store play has resumed!
We are now once again open for in-store play.  We are permitted to be at full-capacity.  Masks are recommended, but no longer required.  Proof of vaccination are no longer required to enter the space.  There is an optional contact-tracing sheet you can fill out. Do not play if you have COVID, have been exposed recently, or are experiencing symptoms.  Snacks & Drinks permitted at tables, and masks can temporarily be lowered to eat and drink.  No outside food permitted, outside drinks permitted at staff discretion.


Shopping in-store is not the only way to shop, we have a large variety of methods that we can serve your needs that are both convenient and safe - it's important to us that you are comfortable!

New Online Store
You can check out our new website which includes to our online store! We will continue to add items to this store as we go to allow you to browse our inventory from the safety of your home. Items on our online store can be picked up in-store, curbside, delivered locally, or even shipped (see below)!

Curbside, Local Delivery, and Shipping Options

Orders taken over the phone, email, messenger, or on our online store can be picked-up, delivered, or shipped.

Curbside: When you get here either call us, signal us using your phone (in the receipt from your online order), or knock and take several steps back.  We will get your delivery together and bring it to you!

Local Delivery: We have launched BKG Delivery to the Greater-Hamilton area to serve our customers better who are making a decision to stay home – but who need some stuff to play with!  We will drive your goodies to your place for a flat fee of $10.00.  We have upgraded this service and now offer deliveries that will arrive same or next day!

Shipping: We ship orders via FedEx and Canada Post, so if you would prefer we ship your goods to you we can do that too!

We are taking in-house precautions to keep staff safe
We have hand-sanitizer readily available, are wiping down commonly touched surfaces, and taking extra care to clean regularly. All staff are fully vaccinated, and are still masking - and have been supplied high-quality mask options.  Staff have been given additional paid sick days to allow them to stay home if they're feeling ill. Any staff that begin to show symptoms will self-isolate and get tested.

We are investing in our community from afar
We have launched a new online community Black Knight in Exile where we will continue to engage our community by encouraging participants to share their gaming and hobby experiences at home. We will announce Challenges, and Prizes too, to keep our community engagement up!

At Black Knight Games community is everything. For many of us this may be no more than an inconvenient time, but for some the risks should be considered differently. With the right cautious approach we can continue to serve the needs of this community while keeping everyone safe. This is something we need to do together.

We are doing the best that we can in a tough time, and stress levels are high, however we have no patience for rude or disrespectful behavior towards our staff.  Abuse of the staff will result in a temporary ban from BKG at minimum.  If you take issue with any of these policies you are certainly welcome to respectfully bring up your concerns with the management, not make life harder for our dedicated workers who are just doing their best to serve you.

So thank you for your support, stay home if you can, and keep that love of games going strong!


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