Warcry - Core Book

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    This 160-page softcover book contains:

    – Background material and sumptuous art to immese you in the horrifying Gnarlwood
    – The complete core rules for Warcry, all you need to play this skirmish combat game
    – New rules for Reactions, allowing more dynamic and aggressive gameplay
    – Rules for open play, including two types of multiplayer battles for three or more players: Coalition of Death and Triumph & Treachery
    – Rules for matched play, including guidelines to balance your battleplans and advice on how to run a tournament
    – Rules for narrative play that allow you to run thrilling campaigns and forge epic stories where your warband progresses in power and notoriety
    – A campaign section featuring quests and rewards for all Warcry factions, plus two full campaign arcs: The Path of Ven Talax and The Chotec Valley
    – An open-ended battleplan generator, allowing you to quickly and easily set up a game with any scenery in your collection

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