Vanguard Warband: Basilean

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    With the Gods’ blessings, the Basileans are a shining beacon of hope against the encroaching darkness in the world. Pious and brave, they are ready to fight the evils of the world through fire and faith.This set contains everything you need to start a Basilean Faction for Kings of War Vanguard, including:

    2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Paladin Defenders/Chaplains
    2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Men-at-Arms Sergeants/Veteran Sergeants
    2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood
    2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood Scouts
    2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Gur Panthers
    5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Men-at-Arms/Crossbowmen
    26 Warband Cards, including Special Rules Card, Spells Card, and stat cards

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