Sea Change

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    # of Players12
    Playing Time: 15–60 Min
    Age: 8+

    Sea Change is a card-laying spatial puzzle for 2 players. It’s a bit like poker reimagined as a strategic, swingy, cutthroat match-3 game.

    All you’ll need to play are a standard 52-card deck, some tokens (poker chips, meeples, etc.), and the goal board and 16 goal cards that can be printed and cut out.

    In Sea Change, you compete to fulfill poker “hands” – straights, flushes, at the like - in particular geometric arrangements. Say, four cards of the same suit in an “L”. Harder hands will net you more points, but your opponent will also be angling to complete the same goals.

    On top of that, each card value has a special power that alters the game rules in interesting ways!

    Game Overview

    The deck contains 80 Sea cards in five suits. The five suits are represented by different colours and icons. Each suit has one card of each value; a higher card beats a lower card of the same suit — high (15) to low (0).

      Depending on the number of players, a set number of cards from a set number of suits will be shuffled together. Players can decide in advance to play as teams, or each player for themselves. Each player will be dealt 10 cards to create their hand. In a clockwise manner, each player will contribute one card, chosen from their hand, to create a trick.

      In each trick, one suit will be stronger than others (trump). Any card in this trump suit beats all cards not in the trump suit. A Sea Change will change the trump suit in the middle of a trick when a player matches the value of the last card played

      Players attempt to win tricks containing cards with positive points, and avoid cards with negative points. *Important* During tricks, 0s are not worth any points. At the end of the round, check which suit is trump. The 0 from that suit, and only that suit, is now worth 5 points. All other 0s are not worth any points.

      The player with the highest score at the end of the round will earn 1 Victory Point (VP).  The game ends when one player has earned 3 VPs.

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