Razor Saw (Citadel)

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    Games Workshop takes selling blades to minors seriously, and therefore does not make these blades available to order online. If you wish to purchase this product then please go to your nearest Games Workshop/Warhammer store or local stockist. Please be prepared to prove your age. 

    Perfect for precision modelling and conversion, designed to cut through resin and plastic quickly, cleanly and efficiently, the Citadel Saw is for those hobbyists wishing to take their miniatures to the next level. Made from steel and aluminium, it’s designed with safety in mind – shaped so it won’t roll across the table.

    It comes with 6 included hard-wearing blades:

    - 2 small detail blades, with a snub-nosed design for getting into the tricky nooks and crannies of our more detailed models;
    - 2 standard blades, designed for use on most of our kits;
    - 2 heavy duty blades – cut up scenery, hack open a Land Raider! These blades are for drastic changes to large kits.

    These blades are easy to swap out, and the Citadel Saw is compatible with the most common hobby saw blades.

    - $35.99

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