Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Merciless Minions Pack #1

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    Number of Players: 2-5

    Playing Time: 45-60 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 14+

    A  New Army!

    You can’t conquer a planet without an army! These foot soldiers might not be so tough individually, but a swarm of them will prove a challenge for any Ranger. This expansion pack includes the Machine Empire’s Cogs and Ransik’s Cyclobots, as well as an alternate Putty Patroller enemy deck representing Lord Zedd’s terrifying Chaos Putties!


    • Introduces two new types of Foot Soldiers: Cogs and Cyclobots!
    • Adds a new way to use Putty Patroller figures -- as Lord Zedd’s Chaos Putties!
    • Includes 4 new location boards, each double sided with different challenge levels!


    • 24 Foot Soldier Figures
    • 30 Enemy Cards
    • 20 Deployment Cards
    • 4 Location Board

    This is an expansion. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is required to play.

    - $64.99

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