Nord Dungeon Tiles: Set 1

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    Build visually accurate variations of dungeon maps for your next quest with the Dungeon Tiles Set I from Nord Games. 

    • Compatible with multiple tabletop RPG games
    • Flat and easy to assemble
    • Built to last
    • Easy to store

    If there is one great way to make your next tabletop RPG game experience more exciting it is to offer a visual element that was once not available — of course, what we are talking about is our innovative Dungeon Tiles Set I. Do you already have set one? Great! Now use set I to make more expansive dungeon systems for both you and your other players.

    So what are you waiting for? Place your order for the Nord Games Dungeon Tiles Set I and get building!

    Product Specs:

    • 40 interchangeable chipboard tiles included
    • Tiles are 2mm thick
    • Set 1 of 4

    - $32.99

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