Fluxx: Across America

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    Number of Players: 2-6
    Playing Time: 10-30 Minutes
    Recommended Ages: 8+

    Road trip! Yes, the ever-changing card game is hitting the road and seeing the sites on a drive across the United States of America. From famous landmarks to national parks, it’s got everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, including the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Cape Canaveral, Devil’s Tower, the monuments of DC, and, of course, Amusement Parks. Perfect for vacations or armchair travelers, Across America Fluxx includes a few special twists, including the New Rule "Play All Day" and an Action called "Route 66." Who calls shotgun?

    Fluxx is a game about change. It begins very simply, with a couple of core rules, and gradually becomes more complex as cards are played that change the rules. Even how you win will be constantly shifting, so you’re never sure who will win until someone does. With the perfectblend of luck and strategy, every game is different!

    • Over 4 million Fluxx games sold to date!
    • Great fun for both kids and adults.
    • Excellent souvenir—play while on vacation, remember the trip afterwards, and create many memories in future years of laughing around the kitchen table.
    • Fun way to learn US geography, history, and cultures.
    • Special cards encourage additional fun, such as dreaming of what else you would do while on vacation and singing travel songs.

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