Paladin Aegis

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    Training and equipping Paladin forces is an expensive proposition, and the Iron Star Alliance believes in few ideals more than protecting its investments. The Paladin Aegis troopers are equipped with force generators to protect the squads they are attached to in battle. Though defensive in nature, when the outputs are switched, these mechanikal devices can be unleashed as powerful force weapons.
    TRADE POINTS: The Paladin Aegis can be attached to any Paladin squad at the time the squad is deployed. While the Paladin Aegis is charged, the models in the squad gain cover. Models hit by a Force Generator ranged attack suffer the lock down continuous effect. The model can also spike to use the weapon to slam enemies. The Paladin Aegis wears Paladin Compound Armor, which gives it bonus ARM (Armor) against explosion damage.

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