Ultra PRO 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binders Silver

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    Ultra PRO 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binders are designed for collecting and organizing playsets of your favorite trading cards. Each binder features a padded exterior cover made with fire resistant materials with matching zipper closure and pull tab. After unzipping the binder, you’ll find twenty 12-pocket pages sized for standard trading cards in side-loading pockets, allowing you to store up to 480 cards in Deck Protector sleeves. Pages feature a low-friction black backing, creating a separation between the front and back pockets as well as providing cards a classic framed look, and are made with acid-free, non-PVC materials to ensure your cards are protected and preserved.

    • 12-Pocket Zippered PRO-Binder with silver padded fire-resistant cover
    • Stores up to 480 cards in Deck Protector sleeves in side-loading pockets
    • Each row holds a 4-card playset
    • Interior pages are acid-free and non-PVC
    • Black zipper and pull tab

    - $54.99

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