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Stronghold Membership Lockdown

Normally our Stronghold Memberships are an annual purchase expiring at the end of June.  This year with the COVID-19 lockdown those plans have been disrupted.

Truthfully we don’t know what we want to do for our memberships this year, there is just so much up in the air.  Are rewards that include events, or cards that need to be stamped worth having?  Not right now they aren’t, but hopefully at some point this year they will be.

So we are introducing the Stronghold Membership LOCKDOWN.

Basically for a very small fee you will be able to put a pin in your membership.  Until such a time as we are able to launch our next annual Stronghold Membership you will get:

-Your Stronghold Points bonus extended past June indefinitely – until our next membership launches.
-Access to a Stronghold Newsletter which will include regular promotions, sales, and discount codes for our website – we won’t spam you though!
-Your membership remains active, so you will gain any bonuses when renewing next time.
-The $10 cost of this item will immediately be sent right back to you as an electronic Gift Card for the webstore – so it’s practically FREE!


If you are a Premium Stronghold Member (Red Card) you can extend yours the same way.  You will already be familiar with the concept of the rewards newsletter, and you will continue to get perks in addition to the ones offered by the regular Stronghold Newsletter!

You’ve got some time to jump onboard as event without the Stronghold Membership Lockdown all membership perks will be extended beyond the July 1 expiration date for everyone for the next two weeks automatically anyhow, with the new expiration date being July 15th.

So be sure to support BKG and grab your Stronghold Membership Lockdown soon, get your money right back as a gift card, get access to regular promotions, and perks that will continue until we launch our next Stronghold Membership some day off in the future!

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