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Happy New Year! Looking Forward to 2021

Well, that was a year...

I'm sure we're all tired of hearing about it: the pandemic, the lockdowns, the politics, the division...it's been tough.  So we figured what you'd want most is to hear us talk about it more!  #waytoreadtheroom


This year brought us a bunch of challenges to be sure.  We haven't had an event in store since March Break (and events are our favourite thing).  We have had to figure out how to operate safely and yet still service our customers needs.  We have had to figure out how to even make any sales at all during a lockdown.  Distribution has been tough, and filled with delays and shortages as global logistics and manufacturing try to sort out their own issues (remember the great Nuln Oil paint shortage of April!?  It was harder to get than toilet paper!).

But this year also brought us some things to be very proud of:

  • First of all we're still here.  BKG is surviving and we will get through this.
  • Secondly we haven't had to lay anyone off or do any significant downsizing at all, and we've been able to accommodate the needs of our staff - which is huge.
  • Third we have launched a website from scratch to sell our products online, and we are very proud of it.  There is absolutely LOADS of work to do to make it even better, but it has been a massive undertaking and has worked out quite well.

Check out Jay's 2020 Wrap Up Video for more.


We all know that 2021 is going to start off just as challenging as ever, we're still under lockdown after all, but I think we all see the path ahead.  And while the #1 goal will be 'Get through this and get back to normal' we do have some goals we wanted to share:

  1. We have some upgrades we want to do to the gaming space including replacing the floors and tables.  When you come back to play we want it better than ever!
  2. We have some upgrades to do on our website to make shopping easier.  We've started creating hub-pages for things like 'RPGs' so that browsing is much more user-friendly.
  3. We want to get all of our MTG singles up on our website.  This has been very challenging to get them all counted and sorted and ready to upload - but we can do it!
  4. On the flip side we want to get our buying of MTG singles working on the site as well so that when you want to trade cards in you just submit a list online, see the valuation, and then we simply verify it.  No more standing around while we try and add it all up!


These are the products that got us through it!  Check out the Best Selling Products at BKG during 2020:

So Long 2020!  So sorry you have to go....don't call us.


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