Kickstarter has long been a great way for small start-ups to get their ideas out there, and for established companies to float new ideas. Unfortunately, initially, this cut out places like Black Knight Games from the process. We want to be a part of bringing great new games to our customers, and supporting exciting new products. Now, many companies have figured out how to make places like Black Knight Games a part of this exciting process, and we are very happy to be able to bring you some great products from our partners on Kickstarter!

Q & A


WE BACK IT: We decide to back a game because we think you might like it. If you want us to back a project let us know you're interested and we will investigate!

YOU PLEDGE WITH US: If you are interested you can pledge through us! We treat your order like a preorder for the Kickstarter Bundle. If you pledge before the Pledge Manager closes you can even get add-ons

PLEDGE MANAGER CLOSES: We submit our final numbers for the Kickstarter. We will usually get extras of the main Pledge Level as well.

FULFILLMENT: Once the Kickstarter fulfills we let you know and you get your game!

FOR SALE: Once all the people that pledged are taken care of any extra Kickstarter Bundles will be made available for sale.



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