Paint Your Models - Every so often a glorious moment happens at Black Knight Games - we will put together a Call to Arms Army Building Challenge!

During these events we call on players to build a fresh army for specific game(s) from scratch all at the same time, with a specific deadline in mind.

For the Summer, we’re trying something a bit different, and offering a smaller scale version, for a variety of skirmish games, rather than a large army!

We offer fun incentives, to keep you going, and many consider it to be some of the best motivation to get painting there is!

And the best part is when it's over we have a community full of brand new armies and enthusiastic players!
  • Your choice of any 'skirmish' game we sell
    at BKG including these nine!
  • Participants will get a rewards card that
    will give stamps for accomplishing goals.
  • There is an entry fee of $20
    Free if you spend $150+ on the army!
  • You can earn up to $50 in credit.
    Bet on Yourself!
  • There'll be plenty of staff participation.
    Tell us about your army!
  • FORCES must start off unpainted,
    participants should share proof of this.
  • FORCES have goal of a certain point value.
    Different systems have different totals.
  • When you complete your force you
    will earn a Victory Sticker badge!



Sometimes a little motivation is all we need to really get cracking on a hobby project - this gives you loads of motivation!


You will get an Army Collector Card with spots for 10 stamps.  You can earn these stamps by accomplishing the objective.  Trade in your card and get $5 in store credit for every stamp!


You can send in some shots of finished and work-in-progress minis for us to share on social media.  Our in-store and online communitites are excellent resources for encouragement and suggestions too - it's fun to have people behind you!


We always end our Call to Arms with a party for everyone to hang out and show off what they've done!  You do not have to be 'done' to attend, but we sure hope you will be!

It's a great event where people can showcase their armies, get some games in if they like, eat some snacks, and just feel good about their accomplishments!  We always also have some kind of prizes for some of the best presentations in the Call to Arms!


What is a Skirmish Game? Lots of games fall into this category, though most of the time people are referring to smaller scale games with 10-20 models per side. While we normally set a Call to Arms goal based on points levels, often skirmish games offer progressive game systems with evolving or changing rosters, or a draft-style selection of models at the start of a game. Some of them don’t have points at all! For this challenge, regardless of system, your end goal is to paint at least 10 models for the game you choose, and to create a playable selection of models for that game.

Your Army Collector Card will have room for ten stamps on it.  You will earn $5.00 in store credit for each stamp you earn when you redeem the card.  You can redeem your card whenever you wish, it does not have to be completely finished, however once redeemed you will not be able to earn more stamps.  Here are the stamps you can earn:

Paint Your Leader

Fully paint the miniature that you deem to be the leader of your force.

Paint Another Model

Fully paint another miniature for your force.  This cannot be the same as the 'Leader'.

Base All Your Models

Full base every miniature in the force with appropriate paint, tufts, sand, etc.

Terrain or Objective

Build/Paint an objective or terrain piece to use in your games with this force.

Play a Game in Store

Play a game at BKG with this force as part of an event or just a pick-up game.

Spend $50+ on Models

Spend at least $50.00 on miniatures at Black Knight Games.

Spend $50+ on Models

Spend another $50.00 on miniatures at Black Knight Games.  $100+ earns both.

Spend $35+ on Supplies

Spend at least $35.00 on hobby supplies at BKG, like paint, tufts, brushes etc.

Finish Your Force by 2024

Fully complete a legal force for the game you have chosen by New Years 2024.  Your force must be at least ten models.

Finish Your Force by the Deadline

Fully complete a legal force for the game you have chosen by the Deadline in SEP. Your force must be at least ten models.