Customer Rewards

Black Knight Games has several customer reward programs in place to reward your loyalty.  Our Stronghold Points program rewards all purchases with points which can be redeemed for future discounts.  Our Stronghold Memberships reward regular customers who purchase a yearly membership with additional points, discounts, and perks.  We have a Board Game Collector’s Card to get you free games when you shop with us.  Finally, our Hero’s Reward program rewards event participants with collectible rewards that can be redeemed for various prizes!

Earn points for every dollar you spend at Black Knight Games!
Redeem points for discounts at various tiers.
Our annual membership earns you event more points, and other perks.
Upgrade to a Premium Membership for event more benefits!
Grab a collector card to earn additional rewards for your purchases.
It’s as simple as ‘Buy Games – Get Games!’
Get a stamp every time you play in one of our official MTG events, and earn yourself rewards!
Hero’s Rewards are special prizes we give out at events and in other ways.
They can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.