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    This is a Preorder.  The estimated arrival date is December 2020, delays can happen with Kickstarters, especially during the COVID crisis.  There are no refunds on preorders.


    This Kickstarter Bundle is for one The Isofarian Guard Pledge, which includes a copy of The Isofarian Guard board game, and all unlocked stretch goals!  Get this pledge for about the same price as the Kickstarter (converted to Canadian)!

    The Isofarian Guard is a solo & cooperative narrative driven adventure boardgame for 1-2 players.

    In The Isofarian Guard you’ll explore the various areas of the country of Isofar in the land of Telios, and you’ll see (and hear) the journey through the eyes of eight members of the guard. 

    You and your companions will travel vast distances across the country and you’ll need to work together to overcome a great darkness corrupting the land. There are four unique campaigns that can be played completely solo or with two players, and span over 30+ hours of gameplay. 

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    The Isofarian Guard features:

    ⭐️ A highly immersive narrative driven campaign powered by 'Forteller'.
    ⭐️ A fully voice acted narration and orchestral score that immerses you into the story!
    ⭐️ Bag Building
    ⭐️ Card/Tableau Building
    ⭐️ Character customization
    ⭐️ Unique crafting system for equipment
    ⭐️ Enemy AI System
    ⭐️ Open World Exploration

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    - $99.99

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