The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade: Volume One

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    A Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus

    The dark elves are feared throughout the Old World for their evil ways, yet one member of this despicable race stands out for his treachery and cunning – Malus Darkblade. Having been possessed by an ancient daemon, the dark elf is faced with a stark choice – recover five items of unimaginable power or forfeit his soul forever!

    Murderer, betrayer, warrior beyond compare – explore the story of Malus Darkblade in this gripping omnibus.

    This volume tells of Malus’ quest to find the first three artefacts, pitting him against monsters, magic, and even his own kin in these magnificent tales of dark fantasy.

    This anthology includes three novels and one short story.

    Written by C L Werner, Dan Abnett, and Mike Lee

    The Blood Price by C L Werner
    The Daemon's Curse by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
    Bloodstorm by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
    Reaper of Souls by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee

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