The Carniverse Rulebook

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    Imagine a world where you are no longer the top of the food chain. A world where society has fallen, governments cease to function, and countries fall into chaos. A new primeval world where the surviving members of humankind must band together in order to fight for their existence over scarce resources.

    A new world filled with hungry, feral dinosaurs.

    This is the world of The Carniverse. Will you lead your team of survivors to victory against their foes? Or will they become just another snack for the new gods of our planet?

    18 unique and upgradeable character types
    25 independent skills to be learned
    25+ weapon & gear types
    10 character levels to achieve
    6 different scenarios
    5 unique dinosaur types
    Upgradeable bases
    Randomly determined battlefield injuries
    Randomly determined resource drops
    Use any models, terrain, and tokens

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