The Accursed

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    A Warhammer Horror anthology

    Do you love Warhammer and hate getting a good night’s sleep without the promise of nightmares? These 12 stories will batter your psyche with some of the most chilling places, people, and creatures in the Mortal Realms and the 41st Millennium.

    This collection of terrifying tales will show you how menacing life in the worlds of Warhammer can be. The horrors of the battlefield pale next to what lurks in the darkness.

    Sentient darkness presses against the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms and the Imperium of Man. In dystopian streets, anarchic desires surface, and the impressionable and malcontent find distraction in the wrong places. Lone families in heathen wastes risk their sanity to survive, and hardened souls inured by long wars face their greatest trials yet as evil seeks to weaken their resolve.

    What will these people do when horror is upon them? What violence will they incite? What anguish shall they endure? And will they shoulder their fate like heroes or drag others down in their storm? Either way, the darkness cares not, for all cries of the accursed lend it strength...

    Nightbleed by Peter Fehervari
    The Terminus by David Annandale
    The Reaper's Gift by Ray Cluley
    The Cache by James Brogden
    Skull Throne by Jake Ozga
    The Child Foretold by Nicholas Kaufmann
    Tithemarked by Steven Sheil
    Imperator Gladio by Richard Strachan
    A Moment of Cruelty by Phil Kelly
    The Way of All Flesh by Jude Reid
    Elloth IX by Justin D Hill
    The Bloody Kiss by Darius Hinks

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