Tanks Bundle WWII

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    A skirmish game by Gale Force 9, this fast paced tabletop game serves as an ideal gateway into wargaming, but that shouldn’t stop the more experienced gamers to give it a go! Tanks! also has the potential to progress from just a quick game to very basic list building. To put it simply, this game is relevant to first-time wargamers, on the hunt for an introduction, and veteran gamers after a short break from reality alike!

    WWII - WWII Starter Set, T-34 Early, IS-2, Tiger, Churchill, KV, Lend Lease Churchill [PRICE: $80.00 / VALUE: $130.93]

    Modern - Modern LAV, M60 Patton, Striker, T-64, Chieftain, M1 Abrams, Scimitar, M901 ITV, T-72 [PRICE: $85.00 / VALUE: $159.9011]

    WWII - $80.00
    Modern - $85.00

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