Precept Maniple Battleforce

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    In this set you'll find 534 components with which to build five plastic models:

    – 1x Warlord Battle Titan with two volcano cannons and two apocalypse missile launchers
    – 1x Reaver Battle Titan with melta cannon and chainfist
    – 1x Warbringer Nemesis Titan with quake cannon, volcano cannon and laser blasters
    – 2x Warhound Scout Titans, each with a choice of plasma blastgun, turbo laser destructor, Vulcan mega-bolter, and inferno gun

    Each Titan has optional parts for added variety, including heads, tilting shields and carapace plates.

    The set also includes 1x 120mm oval base, 2x 105mm oval bases, and 2x 80mm round bases, along with five cardboard command terminals – one for each Titan in the box – and 25 weapon cards, covering weapons options for each god-machine.

    Rules for the Precept maniple can be found in the Crucible of Retribution and Loyalist Legions expansions for Adeptus Titanicus.

    - $219.99

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