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    This is a Preorder.  While we anticipate no issues with the expected Kickstarter Fulfillment estimate of May 2022, delays can happen with Kickstarters, especially during the COVID crisis.  There are no refunds on preorders.

    This Kickstarter is in the 'pledge manager' phase, meaning we have given initial numbers but still may be able to made additions.  The items listed here are extras we have ordered.  If you wish to get something that isn't listed here, or is out of stock, please contact us to inquire if we could still get it.

    Once the Pledge Manager closes we will only have a limited number of additional Pledges and add-ons available.


    This Kickstarter Bundle is for one of the following two pledge levels:

    Mutant Pledge Level, which includes:

    • Marvel United: X-Men
    • Exclusive Villain Team: Toad, Pyro, and Blob
    • X-Force Expansion
    • All Applicable Stretch Goals

    Apocalypse Pledge Level, which includes:

    • Marvel United: X-Men
    • The Horsemen of Apocalypse expansion
    • Exclusive Villain Team: Toad, Pyro, and Blob
    • Exclusive Hero: Storm (Mohawk)
    • All Applicable Stretch Goals

    If you buy one of the Pledge Levels above you can also get the following Optional Add-Ons including all the great stuff from the previous Marvel United Kickstarter:

    • X-Men: Blue Team
    • X-Men: Gold Team
    • X-Men: First Class
    • X-Men: Playmat
    • United: Ultimate Classic Bundle (all the goodies from the last United Kickstarter)
    • United: Classic Cardboard Locations
    • United: Return of the Sinister Six
    • United: The Infinity Gauntlet
    • United: Rise of the Black Panther
    • United: Tales of Asgard
    • United: Guardians of the Galaxy Remix
    • United: Enter the Spider-verse

    When you pledge with us you will get the full Kickstarter Bundle when it is fulfilled at roughly the same price (when converted to Canadian Dollars).

    Have a look at the Kickstarter Campaign for more info.  Check out all our Retailer Kickstarter Options & Details HERE!



    Marvel United is back, bringing the X-Men into this acclaimed fast-paced cooperative game. Build your team of mutant Heroes and join forces to thwart the master plan of the most powerful Villains in the universe. Now you can also choose to take direct control of a Super Villain, facing off against the other united Super Hero players!

    Simple rules, deep strategy, easy setup, quick playtime, variable difficulty, eye-catching artwork, and amazing character pieces, all united to bring you the most engaging Marvel play experience!

    Learn more about the Optional Buys: Days of Future Past, Fantastic Four (and Super-Skrull), Deadpool, Blue Team, Gold Team, First Class, Phoenix Five, Plastic Tokens, X-Men Playmat, X-Men Cardboard Villain Dashboards, Classic Cardboard Villain Dashboards, X-Men Cardboard Locations

    Learn more about the Classic Optional Buys: Ultimate Classic Bundle, Classic Cardboard Locations, Return of the Sinister Six, The Infinity Gauntlet, Rise of the Black Panther, Tales of Asgard, Guardians of the Galaxy Remix, Enter the Spider-Verse

    Note that anything marked with this:

    is an exclusive item for Kickstarter backers (or from other crowdfunding platforms), with remaining stock available through conventions and special promotions only.

    The Ultimate Classic Bundle contains everything from the original campaign, except for the Cardboard Locations (available separately, see below), Playmat, and the original Marvel United Core Box.  Note that the Ant-Man and Wasp Stretch Goals can only be found in the standard retail Core Box.

    We wilWe will be offering backers the option to choose 2-Wave Expedited Shipping for their pledges! By selecting this option, we will separate your pledge into two shipping Waves. The First Wave will contain only the Marvel United: X-Men Core Box (however many copies you get) and it is estimated to deliver around September 2021, about the same time as the Core Box goes to retail. Then, the Second Wave will contain everything else in your pledge, including the box of Stretch Goals and all Optional Buys, and it is estimated to deliver around May 2022. Of course, by separating the shipping, the total cost of 2 different shipments will be charged, so by selecting this option you should notice an increase in your shipping cost and VAT if applicable. The finals costs will be calculated on the Pledg.it Pledge Manager system, however estimates for both waves are listed under 'Shipping Information'. Backers who select Single Wave Shipping will get their full pledge in the estimated May 2022 delivery date.

    Please take note that once the system launches they'll also have different deadlines to confirm the pledges, with the Expedited shipment having a much earlier deadline. After the deadline to confirm the Expedited shipment pledges, all pledges (and extra pledges) containing the First Wave Core Box will be locked and will no longer be editable. However, everything related to the Second Wave will be editable up until the Second Wave deadline. This means that backers that confirm a 2-Wave Expedited Shipping order will still be able to add/remove pledges/add-ons related to the Second Wave after the First Wave deadline.

    Note: 2-Wave Expedited Shipping will not be available to backers in the UK.

    Pledge Level: Mutant - $89.99
    Pledge Level: Apocalypse - $134.99
    Pledge Level: Uncanny - $374.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Days of Future Past - $64.99
    (ADD-ON) Fantastic Four - $49.99
    (ADD-ON) Deadpool - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Blue Team - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Gold Team - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men First Class - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Phoenix-Five - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) Plastic Tokens - $57.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Playmat - $49.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Cardboard Villain Dashboards - $36.99
    (ADD-ON) Classic Cardboard Villain Dashboards - $25.99
    (ADD-ON) X-Men Cardboard Locations - $25.99
    (ADD-ON) United Ultimate Classic Bundle - $299.99
    (ADD-ON) United Classic Cardboard Locations - $36.99
    (ADD-ON) United Return of the Sinister Six - $64.99
    (ADD-ON) United The Infinity Gauntlet - $57.99
    (ADD-ON) United Rise of the Black Panther - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) United Tales of Asgard - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) United Guardians of the Galaxy Remix - $44.99
    (ADD-ON) United Into the Spider-verse - $44.99

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