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    This is a Preorder.  While we anticipate no issues with the expected Kickstarter Fulfillment estimate of September 2021, delays can happen with Kickstarters, especially during the COVID crisis.  There are no refunds on preorders.


    This Kickstarter Bundle is for one of the following pledge level:

    Deluxe Block & Key Pledge Level, which includes:

    • 40x Clay Blocks (10 shapes)
    • 24x Sun Key Cards
    • 16x Moon Key Cards
    • 8x Star Key Cards
    • 4x Enigma Cards
    • 4x Support Columns
    • 1x Core Cube (Clay)
    • 1x Embroidered Cotton Bag
    • Game Box (Converts to play area)
    • Box Sleeve
    • All Revealed Content

    When you pledge with us you will get the full Kickstarter Bundle when it is fulfilled at the same price.

    Have a look at the Kickstarter Campaign for more info.  Check out all our Retailer Kickstarter Options & Details HERE!



    •  Promo pack revealed! (See above.)
    •  Colours not final - CVD friendly! (See "Final Details?" below.)
    •  Support Column strength and design details! (See "Update 1.")
    • EU VAT is included! (See "Shipping Info" below.)
    •  Translations see "More Languages" below. (French need ~49 more, German ~74.)
    • More reveals to come...

     We prepay all applicable duty/taxes for customers receiving their games in Canada, USA, EU, UK, Australia, and NZ - See "Shipping Info" below for more details!

     Retail backers, please scroll to the very bottom for details.

    French language total pulled from France, Belgium and 20% of Canadian backers.

    German language total pulled from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    The orange Block was placed to claim this 2VP Key card.

    - $53.99

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