(PRE-PLAYED) Rail Raiders Infinite: Old Tyme Religion

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    This is a Pre-played game. We carefully check every used game for damage or missing parts and re-seal them. As this is a used game, some minor wear and tear should be expected. 

    Known Issues: Some Wear and Tear

     Old Tyme Religion is an expansion to Rail Raiders Infinite, raising the player limit to 6.

    The expansion includes 2 new Raiders (Dr. Umbra PhD, Mutha Superior), 6 new Lawbots (3x Pallbearers, 2x Preachers, 1x 999), 4 new train car tiles (chapel car, maintenance car, 2 mortuary cars), 5 additional poker dice, and cards for each deck (High Noon, Long Arm of the Law, Raider, and Loot).


    - $34.99

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