(PRE-PLAYED) The Shining Host

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    This is a Pre-played game. We carefully check every used game for damage or missing parts and re-seal them. As this is a used game, some minor wear and tear should be expected. 

    Known Issues: None

     There's Still Magic in the World

    Hidden in plain sight is a would of Glamour and enchantment. The Fair Folk still walk the earth, though they wrap themselves in mortal shells for fear of cold disbelief. Elfin courts still ride out under moonlight, dreams of dragons still lurk in shadows, and the monster under the bed is very, very real - to the right people. People with faerie souls. People like you.

    You Just Have to Know Where to Look

    Welcome to the world of Changeling: The Dreaming - but now the dreams are real. Contained in The Shining Host is everything you need to bring the magic and mystery of Changeling into a live-action setting. From chimera to cantrips, satyr debauchers to sidhe nobles, they're all in here. And they're waiting for you.

    Don't Dream It - Be the Dream

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