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    Flames of War allows players to wargame company level battles from the European, Pacific and North African Theatres of World War Two, using 1/100 scale miniatures (15 mm figure scale) and miniature armour.

    British Bundle - Rifle Platoon, MMG Platoon, Universal Carriers, 25 PDR Field Troop, Honey Armoured Troop, Grant Armoured Troop, Crusader Armoured Troop, Cards: Desert Rats, Special Rules & Warriors [PRICE: 99.99 / VALUE: 319.92]

    Italian Bundle -Lorenzo's Rams Army Deal (x2), Aventi, Special Rules & Warriors, Paperback Rulebook [PRICE: 74.99 / VALUE: 239.97] 

    Soviet Tanks - Ktsov's Heroes Army Box, T-70 Tank Company, M3 Lee Tank Company, KV Tank Company, Paperback Rulebook, Soviet Unit Cards, Special Rules & Warriors [PRICE: 94.99 / VALUE: 315.95] 

    Soviet Strelkovy - Nikolay's Steel Wall Army Box, Strelkovy Company, M3 Tank Company, Churchill Heavy Tank Company, Paperback Rulebook, Fog of War Cards, Special Rules & Warriors [PRICE: 94.99 / VALUE: 293.95] 

    US Infantry - US T28E1 37mm AAA Platoon, M3 Halftrack Platoon, Rifle Company (x2), Fighting First, Tokens: Fighting First, Paperback Rulebook, Special Rules & Warriors, US Unit Cards [PRICE: 99.99 / VALUE: 329.93]  

    German Korps - Africa Rifle Platoon, Assault Pioneers, Grenadiers Platoon, SD KFZ 10/4 Light AA Platoon, Marder TH, SD KFZ 221 Light Scout Trool, Panzer II Light Tank Platoon, SD KFZ 231 Heavy Scout Troop, Panzer III Tank Platoon (x2), 5cm Tank Hunter Platoon, JU 87 Stuka, Afrika Korps Book, Iron Cross Book  [PRICE: 174.99 / VALUE: 678.85] 

    British Churchill - Churchill's Kingforce Army Box, Churchill Armoured Troop, 25 PDR Field Troop, Honey Armoured Tropp, Universal Carriers, Hurricane TG, Humber Armoured Troop, Bofors Light AA Troop, 6PDR Anti-Tank Troop, Crusader Armoured Troop, Grant Armoured Troop, Desert Rats Book, Desert Rats Tokens, Armoured Fist Book  [PRICE: 189.99 / VALUE: 694.85] 

    German Rommel - Rommel's Afrika Korps Army, Grenadiers Platoon, Africa Rifle Platoon, Assault Pioneers, Afrika Korps Cards, Fog of War Cards, 15cm Lorrain, 8.8 Heavy AA, Panzer II Light Tank Company, SD KFZ 10/4 Light AA Platoon, 10.5 Artillery, Panzer III Tank Platoon, 5cm Tank Hunters, Panzer IV Tank Platoon, Iron Cross Book, Armies of Late War Book [PRICE: 199.99 / VALUE: 693.84] 

    British Monty - Monty's Desert Rats Army, Desert Rats Tokens, Desert Rats Cards, 17 PDR Anti-Tank Platoon, Valentine Armoured Troops, Universal Carriers, Desert Rats Book, Bofors Light AA Troop, Humer Armoured Troop, 6 PDR Anti-Tank Platoon, Crusader Armoured Tropp, Grant Armoured Troop  [PRICE: 179.99 / VALUE: 665.85] 

    German Dietrich - Dietrich's Ghosts Army Box, Assault Pioneers, Africa Rifle Platoon, Grenadiers Platoon, Afrika Korps Book, Fog of War Cards, 8.8 Heavy AA, 15cm Lorrain, Panzer II Light Tank, SD KFZ 10/44 AA, 10.5 Artillery, Panzer III Tank Platoon, 5cm Hank-Hunters, Panzer !V Tank Platoon, Armies of Late War [PRICE: 189.99 / VALUE: 693.84] 

    US Armor - US Unit Cards, Armoured Recon Platoon, M3 Lee Tank Platoon, M4 Sherman Platoon, M3 Half Tracks [PRICE: 64.99 / VALUE: 222.95] 


    British Bundle - $99.99
    Italian Bundle - $99.99
    Soviet Tanks - $94.99
    Soviet Strelkovy - $94.99
    US Infantry - $99.99
    German Korps - $169.99
    British Churchill - $189.99
    German Rommel - $199.99
    British Monty - $179.99
    German Dietrich - $189.99
    US Armor - $64.99

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