Stronghold Points

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Nearly every single purchase at Black Knight Games is eligible for Stronghold Points.  To collect Stronghold Points simply make sure that we add the purchase to your account, usually by providing your name.  Stronghold Points are collected, and over time customers will be given the option to redeem some of their points for discounts on purchases.  This is automatically prompted when you have enough points.  The more points you redeem at once, the greater the discount.  Stronghold Points do not expire, and they are tracked on the bottom of your receipt.

Customers get 2 Stronghold Points for every dollar they spend in store. Customers that have an active Stronghold Membership instead get 5 Stronghold Points for every dollar they spend, and those with a Premium Stronghold Membership get 6.

Customers can redeem Stronghold Points to discount a purchase, each level of discount costs a certain number of Stronghold Points:

Stronghold PointsDiscount
300$2.00 OFF
600$5.00 OFF
1000$10.00 OFF
2000$25.00 OFF
3900$50.00 OFF
5800$75.00 OFF
7500$100.00 OFF
 +1875+$25.00 OFF