Black Knight Games is officially 14 on June 2, 2021, and we are going to celebrate!

Last year, because of the pandemic, we didn't do much, but we mean to make up for that this year with THREE exciting things which we will be announcing over the course

of a few days:

An awesome sales promotion (BKG Bonds)
An awesome exclusive item (BKG Miniature Trio)
A very exciting announcement (We Are Expanding!)



Every Purchase Earns - During the month of June every time you buy from Black Knight Games you will earn Store Credit back at the end of the month - it's like the stock market but without the risk!

At the end of the month every customer that spent $50.00 or more will automatically be given store credit equal to 10% of their total expenditures.

But that's not all!  Some lucky random customers will earn even better returns on their purchases!
  • Every customer that spends at least
    $50 in June will be elibible.
  • All purchases are eligible, even items on
    sale, preorders, an special orders!
  • Most people will earn 10% of their
    purchase back.
  • 10 Random People will earn 20% of their
    purchase back instead!
  • 4 Random People will earn 30% of their
    purchase back instead!
  • Store Credit will automatically be applied
    at the end of June, and can be used in
    the same ways as always.
Happy Birthday To Us! It is Black Knight Games' 14th Anniversary, and we have a very special item to help celebrate: our very first custom miniature - The Black Knight himself.

The Black Knight miniature will be available in the future as well, however for the month of June 2021, to celebrate our anniversary, when you buy it you will be given two bonus miniatures: The Mimicake and The Cutting of the Cake minis FOR FREE! They will be in the same scale as one another.

We told you that even without our usual party that we'd have cake!!
This depiction of our fun cartoon mascot is available in two sizes: 32mm (about the size of a Warhammer or D&D miniature) and a larger 75mm size (great for a decoration on your shelf or desk).

This item will need to be printed on demand. We have already begun the process, and expect all orders to be available at some point in June, but it's possible that there will be a slight delay before yours is available for pickup as we do not know the exact demand.
The Black Knight sculpt was provided by our friends at RM Printable Terrain, an amazing local gaming business killing it in the world of 3D sculpts and prints for the hobby.

These free bonus minis use a creative commons fair use design for the cake by Miguel Zavala and include the original design and an adapted version.

The original design of The Black Knight is our own, and was created by our amazing cartoonist Jordan Richer.  Friend of the store Eamon Linger printed them.

You see that wall over there? We're gonna Kool-Aid man that shit. Wa-bam! So much more room for activities! Not Yu-Gi-Oh though, y'all need to learn how to behave.

Expansion 2.0

We are very excited to announce that we are expanding into the unit to our right, adding an additional 2000 square feet to the Black Knight Games footprint!

We will tell you more about our plans bit by bit this month, but needless to say we are very excited by the opportunity to grow.

You can expect more retail space, more gaming space, better facilities, and a few other surprises!

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