Build Your Army - On occasion (maybe once every year or so) we at Black Knight Games will put together a Call to Arms event. During these events we call on players to build a fresh army for a specific game from scratch all at the same time, with a specific deadline in mind.

We offer up fun incentives, to keep you going, and many consider it to be some of the best motivation to get painting there is!

And the best part is when it's over we have a community full of brand new armies and enthusiastic players!
  • For the first time ever our Call to Arms
    will be fore TWO games: AoS & 40K
  • Participants will get a rewards card that
    will give stamps for accomplishing goals.
  • There is an entry fee of $25
  • You can DOUBLE your entry fee and
    earn up to $50 in credit! Bet on Yourself!
  • There'll be staff participation including
    having staff captains leading the charge.
  • ARMIES must start off unpainted,
    participants should share proof of this.
  • ARMIES have a goal of 2000 points
    Accomplish this for maximum rewards!



Sometimes a little motivation is all we need to really get cracking on a hobby project - this gives you loads of motivation!


You will get an Army Collector Card with spots for 10 stamps.  You can earn these stamps by accomplishing the objective.  Trade in your card and get $5 in store credit for every stamp!


We will have active participation on our online and in-store communities to allow you a portal to show of what you're working on and share encouragement with others.  We will have an on-staff team captain that will check in with you, and even poke you for pictures and updates so we can show off your stuff on our Call to Arms posts!


We always end our Call to Arms with a party for everyone to hang out and show off what they've done.  With COVID it's a little up in the air whether it'll be in person or online - but we are very hopefuly that it will be in person!


Our deadline is the main goal of the challenge: get an army done by Sunday, October 17th.  The final two stamps cannot be earned past this date, and this is the planned party.

However if you miss the deadline but still finish the army by the end of the year you can still earn MOST of the reward (any of the first 8 stamps)
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
This is not a specific product, rather it's entry to our Call to Arms army building challenge for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer 40,000.  
Call to Arms Entry: Warhammer
Your $25.00 entry will give you a physical punch card that you can fill out by getting stamps for accomplishing goals like painting, and buying hobby supplies. Every stamp you complete will earn you $5.00 in store credit, and since there are 10 stamps you can double your investment - basically it's making a bet on yourself!

Once you enter we will need some information from you:

  • The army & game system you plan to build
  • A way to contact you about the challenge
  • Proof that you hadn't painted the miniatures you are using before beginning (assembled, primed, and even a tiny bit of paint is acceptable)
Main objective is: Sunday, October 17th, 2021\
The first 8 Stamps may still be completed by: Friday, December 31st, 2021


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