Selling Magic: the Gathering to Black Knight Games

Black Knight Games will take in almost all magic cards regardless of set, rarity, or condition.  If you are interested in selling or trading your unwanted cards to Black Knight Games bring them in and let the staff know you wish to trade some cards in, it is usually best to do so when the store isn’t extremely busy.


(Click for our current hotlist – Updated March 19/20)

Black Knight Games uses as the primary source for valuing cards traded in, as well as for pricing cards to sell.  To remain flexible and offer the best stock to our customers, we may sell some items at more than the price listed on that site.  We may also consider market trends, other sites, and the rate a card is sold to assess value.  In the event that FacetoFace does not have an accurate value for a card, we may use a number of other sites to come up with a price, starting with StarCityGames, converted into Canadian dollars.

When you trade in cards there are three ways that we will evaluate the price we are willing to give:

  • Regular rares and valued commons/uncommons: If you have a card that is fairly popular we will trade for it using our standard trade-in rates of 50% Store Credit, or 30% Cash. This means if you trade in a card worth $10.00, you would get either $5.00 in Store Credit (which can be used on cards, sealed product, tournament entry fees – anything in the store), or $3.00 in cash if the staff is authorized to make the buy.  Cash is only available on request, and is dependent on the individual Staff’s buying level, and our cash on hand – so it isn’t always an option.
  • Hotlist Cards: There are always certain cards that are in very high demand, so it is only fair to give a proper premium for these cards.  You will receive a bonus when trading in or selling items from the hot list than you would for non-Hotlist cards.  Most of the cards we are interested in paying a little extra for are on this list, but sometimes we may offer more for a card not on this list that perhaps should be, or might be in the future.  Hotlist trade in rates are 60% Store Credit, or 40% Cash.
  • Bulk Rares, Commons/Uncommons, & Lands: Any rares that are not a priority, or are worth less than $4.00 get classified as ‘Bulk Cards’.  Additionally any commons, uncommons, or basic lands you wish to trade in are classified as ‘Bulk’ as well.  Our Bulk Rates are as follows:
    • Bulk Rares and FOILs worth less than $2: $0.10 each
    • Bulk Cards worth $2 to $4: $0.50 each
    • Bulk Commons/Uncommons: $2.00 / 1000
    • Bulk Basic Lands: $2.00 / 1000

There are some things that might make us adjust the price, so please be aware that we do reserve the right to offer less for trade-ins, or even refuse some, and the following items are just some of the factors that may affect the price:

  • Condition: Condition is extremely important – especially on more valuable cards.
  • Language: Foreign language cards are often worth less than their English counterparts.
  • Demand: If we already have a large enough number of a certain card we will be less inclined to trade for it, and may offer less or refuse the trade altogether.  The same can be said for bulk cards – if we already are very well stocked on bulk items we may temporarily refuse to take in more.