Magic: the Gathering at Black Knight Games

Magic has always been one of the most important and popular games at Black Knight Games. No other game even comes close when it comes to number of events we run or community size, so naturally this game is a crucial part of the fabric of BKG – and one that brings with it some complexity (we just do so much with Magic!). So here is a handy guide to all things MTG at BKG:

A big part of Magic is the collection, trading, and buying & selling of single cards. At Black Knight Games we maintain a huge collection of singles, which we buy, sell, and trade. Check out our Selling Magic the Gathering page for all the details about our current buying and trading policies!

In addition to larger special events (like Prereleases or Draft Weekends) we run multiple weekly events at Black Knight Games for MTG. Check out our Weekly MTG Events page for all the details on how we run them, and our normal Events Page for all upcoming special events!

We have many ways to reward our loyal Magic customers, including our Stronghold Points to reward purchases, Hero’s Rewards to reward participation and good play, and our MTG Events Card to reward attendance! One way or another you’re getting SOMETHING for enjoying MTG with us!

Become a Stronghold Member for even more rewards!

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