Black Knight Educator’s Program

Our Goal

We at Black Knight Games believe that gaming can play a fun and crucial part in education.  Tabletop Games develop social skills, a better understanding of probability and other mathematics, an understanding of rules and fair play, encourage reading and stimulate strategy and intellect.

We believe that we have the resources to help new and existing gaming clubs improve their programs, and attract new members.  Through our access to great gaming titles, our knowledge of gamer development, and our own passion for games we believe that we can play an important role in the lives of gamers.

If your institution does not already have a gaming club, please consider the benefits of creating one.  If you already have a club, let us help you make it even better!

Who Can Join The Educator’s Program?

Anyone that intends to use our resources towards enhancing an educational experience can join – teachers, librarians, school clubs, youth clubs, etc.

This might include, but is not limited to examples like:

  • Teachers who want to include board games as a reward in class
  • A university Dungeons & Dragons club
  • Educators using dice games to teach math probability
  • Librarians wishing to stock up on fun resources for their community
  • An art teacher who wants to engage their class with a Lord of the Rings miniatures painting project.
  • A Boys & Girls club that hosts an occasional game night
  • A home-school parent who wants to use historical games to teach theirs, and other home-schooled kids, about history.

Why Partner With Black Knight Games?

Black Knight Games brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running gaming events and providing new players with support.  We also have many resources that will make creation and maintaining your club easier!  When you sign your gaming club up for our FREE educator’s program you will get the following benefits:


-We will support you with guidance on how games can be used to further education
-We will offer you our help in establishing your gaming club, or group
-We can offer seminars or instruction to help teach games, or hobby elements like miniature painting

-We can teach you to run great events with our expertise and resources
-We can connect you with manufacturer programs to further your use of gaming


-We can get you the basic resources needed to run events
-We can offer you tools to help new players
-We can help you with prize support for special events
-We can supply experienced staff to help you become the expert.


-Any purchases you make for products to support and develop your club or class will get a 10% Discount.
-Your Educator’s Account will earn 5 Stronghold Points/Dollar Spent (Member Rate)
-If you require a large amount of product for your club or organization we will work with you on additional opportunties to meet your needs.