Black Knight Community

The Black Knight Games Community is a robust group of people with a diverse passion for gaming.  It is comprised of many small communities, that often cross-section with one-another.  There are many online groups and places where these communities co-ordinate, converse, and plan-out their gaming.  Check out the communities that appeal to you, and join the conversation!

The Knights of Blackwood is our youth program for gamers aged 6-16.

Facebook Group for Parents & Participants: BKG Knights of Blackwood Youth Program
Program Details: on the BKG Website

Official BKG Facebook Group: BKG Warmachine
Regional Facebook Group: Warmachine / Hordes Southern Ontario
Page for Regional WMH Convention: Southern Ontario Open
Official BKG Facebook Group: BKG Warhammer 40,000
Regional Facebook Group: Warhammer 40,000 Players of Southern Ontario
Official BKG Facebook Group: BKG Age of Sigmar
Regional Facebook Group: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Ontario, Canada
Local Facebook Groups:
Magic the Gathering (MTG) in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
M:tG Hamilton
MTG – legacy in hamiltonRegional Facebook Groups:
M:tG Ontario
Magic Southern OntarioGuide to Selling MTG singles to BKG: on the BKG Website