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Black Knight Games is all about the community we build and maintain for gamers, and as such, we do our best to utilize the ‘global village’ that internet technologies provide us with. Being connected online allows us to receive more ease of access to other gaming groups that might pertain to us or pique specific interests. Firstly, if you didn’t know already, we have a Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter:




On the Facebook page you can find the ‘Groups’ tab and scroll through more specific groups that pertain to specific games, but, for the sake of convenience, they will all be linked below.  Links to groups have been categorized by game and will feature links to relevant groups (both within our community and the larger gaming community) for each respective game. Happy gaming!

Youth Gaming Programs:

BKG Knights of Blackwood Youth Program:

Warhammer 40,000 Groups:

BKG Warhammer 40,000:

Toronto Warhammer 40K:

BKG Kill Team Warhammer 40,000:

Age of Sigmar Groups:

BKG AoS Champions:

Age of 6ixmar:

Pokemon Groups:

BKG Pokemon:

Pokemon TCG Hamilton/ Burlington:

Warmachine Groups:

BKG Warmachine:

Pathfinder Groups:

Black Knight Pathfinders:

Guild Ball Groups:

BKG Guild Ball:

Blood Bowl Groups:

BKBBL Hammer Bowl: Blood Bowl in Hamilton:

Keyforge Groups:

BKG Keyforge:

Dungeons & Dragons Groups:

BKG Dungeons & Dragons:

Dungeons and Dragons Toronto:

Rumbleslam Groups:

BKG Rumbleslam: