Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Imperial Faction

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    Imperial Legion Plastic Faction Starter

    Protect Tamriel and the Third Empire from your enemies with the staunch heroes of the Imperial Legion. HADVAR provides leadership and tactical expertise to the Legion Troops and is supported by the IMPERIAL MAGE, whose expertise with magic and weapons makes her deadly at range and up close. Finally, three IMPERIAL SWORDSMEN provide a stalwart backbone for your force.

    For use with Elder Scrolls: A Call to Arms  Miniatures Core Rules. Expand your game with the Stormcloaks Plastic Faction Starter and Bleak Falls Barrow Plastic Delve Set also available at launch

    This set contains five 32mm scale high quality multi-part plastic miniatures with bases. Requires some assembly. Supplied unpainted.

    • 1 x Hadvar, Hero of Helgen
    • 1 x Imperial Mage, Spellsword
    • 3 x Imperial Soldiers with Sword and Shield
    • 5 x Bases


    • 5 x 32mm Plastic Multipart Figures
    • 5 x Plastic Bases

    Warnings: This is not a toy. Not suitable for Children under 14 years of age. Choking Hazzard due to small parts.

    - $44.99

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