Core 2021 Collectors Booster Pack

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    Collector Boosters are supercharged booster packs, loaded with nothing but the best. Each pack includes 15 of the most desirable cards from Core Set 2021.

    More Rares. The perfect pack for collectors—there are more rare cards than appear in Draft Boosters, with at least 4 rare or mythic rare cards in every pack.

    More Foils. Each pack includes 11 foils and at least 7 cards with special art treatments.

    More Style. Every Collector Booster includes 1 extended-art rare or mythic rare card—only found in Collector Boosters.

    • 4 foil commons, common dual lands, or basic lands
    • 2 foil uncommons
    • 1 foil showcase basic land
    • 1 extended-art rare or mythic rare
    • 2 foil rares or mythic rares, or foil extended-art rares or mythic rares
    • 2 showcase commons or uncommons, or a borderless card (common or uncommon)
    • 1 showcase or borderless rare or mythic rare
    • 1 foil showcase common or uncommon, or a borderless card (common or uncommon)
    • 1 foil showcase or borderless card, any rarity
    • 1 foil token

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