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    This is a Preorder.  While we anticipate no issues with the expected release date of June 15th 2021, delays can happen, especially during the COVID crisis.  There are no refunds on preorders.

    Your first warning of Radioactive waste in an area is usually the clicking of the rad counter in your Pipboy (you are wearing a Pipboy?) followed by the eerie green glow of the rusting barrels.  Survivors are encouraged to avoid contaminated sites unless wearing the correct protective clothing.  Any increased presence of Glowing wildlife near Radioactive waste is entirely coincidental.  This blister pack contains 3 high quality unpainted  resin 32mm Radioactive Containers with 2 optional spills to detail your gaming tables or provide objectives to fight over. 


    • 2x Radioactive Barrels
    • 1x Double Radioactive Barrels
    • 2 x Spilled Radioactive Waste

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