WMH Challenge Board League


Warmachine & Hordes Challenge Board League Rules

  • Players will be given a Player Tag with their name, and their Caster’s name on it.
  • All games must be played with the specific caster you picked, but your list can otherwise change as much as you like.  (For example, I can play one game with War Witch Deneghra with Bane Thralls, then the next game with War Witch Deneghra leading a group of Sea Dogs, but I cannot switch to Wraith Witch Deneghra or any other caster)
  • Players can earn Challenge Tags by defending themselves against a challenge from a player below them.
  • If they defend themselves successfully they earn a Challenge Tag and may now challenge a player above them.  If they fail they drop a rung and the player that challenged them takes their place.
  • If you have no incoming challenges, you may challenge someone on the same tier as you if neither player has a challenge tag.  No positions change, but the winner earns a challenge tag.
  • When a player reaches the top, they must defend themselves three times to earn their way to the Hall of Fame.  After being so retired, the Hall of Fame player gets free entry back into the league with a different caster, starting at the bottom, and we’ll make Premium Tag for either their retired caster or the new one.
  • Players are encouraged to play their games on the Warmachine & Hordes Game Night, but are more than welcome to schedule matches at any time.
  • Occasionally, and completely at the discretion of staff, the store may open earlier or stay open later to accommodate the league.
  • Games must be played in person at Black Knight Games.
  • All games must use a Steamroller scenario from the current rules.
  • Unless currently the leader, a player may never have more than one Challenge Tag for any reason.
  • If the leader has multiple challenge tags and drops down to Tier 2, she or he gives up all but one of those tags.
  • Games are normally played at 50 points, but may be played at 35 points with the agreement of both the challenger and challenged player.
  • If a player drops from the league, retires, or is removed for any reason, the farthest left player from the next tier down will move up to take his or her place.
  • Players can make challenges any time, have a week to arrange these challenges, and if not completed within three weeks the defending player automatically concedes unless the challenger was responsible for the scheduling conflict.

The Challenge Board league has an entry fee of $10, and we will be taking orders for custom engraved tags if people are interested in upgrading to a ‘Premium Tag’ for the cost of $10 additional.

The Challenge Board League begins February 22nd, with initial seeding settled by the tournament on February 21st.

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