WMH Tournament 75pt Steamroller

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting yet another Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller tournament this October!

When: Saturday, October 7th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing)

Format: 75pt Steamroller Tournament, 4 Rounds, Deathclock, Divide & Conquer 0

Lunch Provided: We will provide a pizza lunch (3 slices at least), including either 2 pops/water -or- 1 juice/energy drink

Prizes: We will put $20 per person, minus the overall cost of lunch, in to a prize pool.  There will be a prize for the ‘Best Painted’ army (as voted on by the participants), and the ‘Best Sportsmanship’ (as voted on by your opponents).  The remaining prize pool will be divided up among the top 3 players!

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Warmachine Tournament

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting yet another Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller tournament this September!

When: Saturday, September 9th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing)

Format: 75pt Steamroller Tournament, 4 Rounds, Deathclock, Divide & Conquer 0

Lunch Provided: We will provide a pizza lunch (3 slices at least), including either 2 pops/water -or- 1 juice/energy drink

Prizes: We will put $20 per person, minus the overall cost of lunch, in to a prize pool.  There will be a prize for the ‘Best Painted’ army (as voted on by the participants), and the ‘Best Sportsmanship’ (as voted on by your opponents).  The remaining prize pool will be divided up among the top 3 players!

So bring your forces, preferably painted, to BKG and battle it out in our Steamroller Tournament!

WMH: World Ender Invitational Qualifier

The World Ender is back!  World Ender tournaments are all part of a circuit of events run at many stores in the region.  Winners of a World Ender Qualifier get invited to the elite-level ‘Invitational’ event!  Check out the details for the qualifier that we get to run here, at Black Knight Games:

When: Saturday, December 3, 10:00am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Player Cap: 32

Rounds: 4 rounds.  Each round will be 60min deathclock.

Forces: 75pts, 2016 Steamroller, Divide & Conquer 1 (2 lists)

This event will be very popular, and we do have a player cap at 32 – so be sure to preregister soon to reserve your spot!!!

WMH Call to Arm Update

WMH C2A Banner

The Warmachine Call to Arms early bird period went well, and I’ve seen tons of cool posts from people in our Facebook group already of painted minis and cool ideals for conversions and lists.  The official start date for the Call to Arms is only this week!  There’s still tons of time to sign up, get involved, and paint some minis for the new edition this summer.

So now that we’re officially kicking this thing off, what are we doing this summer for Warmachine, how do you get involved, and what’s the new edition like?

Summer of Warmachine

We already had the first tournament of the new edition, which was a ton of fun and a lovely learning experience.  What else do we have planned?  The following is a list of fully-painted-required events.  Each of these gives free or discounted to Call to Arms participants, but is open to anyone to play in.

Jun 30 – Warcaster Mega Battle – Bring one caster and slug it out!
Jul 14 – Warjack Ninja Warrior – Play through an obstacle course with your favourite Warjack or Warbeast.
Jul 24 – Zero-Point Mega Battle – Bring a warcaster or warlock plus their battlegroup.
Jul 30 – 75 Point Tournament – Our second large tournament of the new edition, and our first painted required one.
Aug 7 – 35 Point Doubles Event – A small tournament where you bring a friend and battle two-v-two.
Aug 21 – Brush of War Painting Contest – Submit models from the Warmachine and Hordes range into a painting contest with three categories.
Aug 21 – Rumble – A new format designed by Privateer Press for faster games played on a 3×3 table.
Sep 4 – Victory Celebration – Show off what you finished painting, play some games, and pull names from the Victory Draw.

So as you can see, there’s a ton going on for Warmachine this summer.  We’re also having game nights every Thursday evening, and scheduling pick up games using the BKG Warmachine Facebook group (which you should join).

Getting Involved

Now is the time to join the Warmachine Call to Arms.  For only $30, you get free or discounted entry to all of the cool events we’re talking about, and you get to paint an army and share your accomplishment with the community.  If you spend $150 in a single purchase for your new army, you don’t even have to pay that $30 — you get in for free!

You can participate in the Call to Arms even if you live far away and can’t get into the store weekly.  There are several cool events, scheduled at different times in the week, and sharing painted models on our Facebook group is easy and interactive.

Each Call to Arms event you attend will earn you a ballot for the Victory Draw.  Over the next few months we’ll be spoiling some of the amazing prizes for the winners of this draw.  For now, let me just say there are lots of ways to get tickets for this draw, including participating, winning, painting, and playing games.  The giveaways from this draw are going to be VERY cool.

Warmachine and Hordes New Edition

The new edition of the game has significantly changes every faction.  Those old models you never painted before?  Maybe they’re great now.  That fun list you’d always wanted to play?  Here’s an opportunity to build that army you’ve always wanted.  The brand new edition is a great time to get involved in the game, to paint for the first time, to play more seriously, or even just to play more fun games.

We’ve got a store copy of the rulebook available for you to go through.  The core rules of the game are available for free online, and the physical printing of the new cards will be available from Wednesday, June 29th.  Jay already posted about the international shortages of product, so some decks might have to wait for reprintings.  A few battle boxes will be available in store, and we’ll be restocking as soon as possible.

Warmachine & Hordes MK3 Global Shortage for Release


The Problem:

On Friday Privateer Press sent out a release to all retailers informing us that the first wave of the new Warmachine & Hordes product due for release on June 29th will fall far short of demand.  After contacting our distributors we have found that we will almost certainly receive far less stock on the initial release than expected.  We did end up getting the Premium kit (one of only two stores in Canada to get it), but beyond that it will be very tight with pre-orders for many items already passing our expected allocation.

Sherry Yeary, President of Privateer Press, wrote us:

We had no expectation that we could be sold out before launch and in fact believed we had ordered enough inventory to keep us supplied for several months.  After all, our hopes are to grow the audience for WARMACHINE and HORDES with the new editions, and that requires that we have the product to introduce new players to the game. It’s thrilling that demand has exceeded our wildest expectations but we do know that supply shortages are a problem when you have customers who want the product, and we must apologize for this very unforeseen inconvenience. We are working hard with our vendors to expedite restock orders and are hoping to have card decks back in stock in July, books back in stock in August, and Battleboxes following as quickly as possible after that.

With so many people wanting the new product, and us having a Call to Arms event coinciding with the release, this poses a harsh problem for us and our eager Warmachine & Hordes players.

Our Solution:

In order to make sure that as many people as possible get to enjoy the new edition on release day we will be doing our best to allocate the limited number of product that we do get as evenly as possible.  We will be contacting all those that have already made a pre-order with us, and asking them to select one deck and one battlegroup to list as ‘Priority’.  Customers ordering more than one may also list further options in descending order of importance to them if they wish.  With this information we will be able to assign the allocated product to those based on need, allowing more people to at least have one faction to start working on.  This should also allow us to lock in some items with a guarantee for customers.  Preference will be awarded based on giving people their ‘Priority ‘ product, followed by the date that it was ordered.

Any customer that is unable to get product that they pre-ordered on release day will be entitled to a full refund if they wish, or they can keep the pre-order with us and their order will be the top of the list when the second wave of product does arrive.

WMH Call to Arms

WMH C2A Banner

Edit:  With the announcement of a brand new edition of Warmachine and Hordes coming in June, we’re postponing the start date of our Call to Arms to line up with this release.  The Call to Arms will officially begin June 12th.

It has been some time since our last Call to Arms event at Black Knight Games for WMH, but we are bringing it back bigger and better than ever!  We are proud to announce Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes – the best way to build your army!

What is Call to Arms?:

Call to Arms is a multi-event army building league.  In Call to Arms participants sign up to get their army from zero to finished within a certain time-frame.  Throughout the Call to Arms we will have hobby and gaming events to help create a sense of community among all the participants.  By the end we have a great group of players, who all have a similar sized painted army, and who have been playing games and building their armies together.  It is a truly unifying and exciting gaming experience and yields a strong gaming community afterwards.

How do I join?

Participants can either pay a $30.00 entry fee to join the Call to Arms, or they can get in free by making a $150.00 purchase towards the building of their army (this purchase can be for anything needed to get your army going, be it miniatures, paints, rule books, hobby tools etc.).

What do I get for joining?

In addition to getting a great experience participants of the Call to Arms will get free or discounted entry into all Call to Arms labeled events, as well as the league that will begin once Call to Arms ends.  Participants will get an invitation to the Call to Arms Party, which will be exclusive for Call to Arms participants and will have pizza, drinks, gaming, and will be after the store closes for the day.  Participants will get first crack at spots on the league map when our Warmachine league begins.

There will be achievement prizes for a few special accomplishments for some of those that achieve their deadline goal: First Completed Force, Most Completed Models, Best Painted, & Best Concept.

Additionally any participant that completely finishes their force by the deadline will earn a special, custom Call to Arms reward.sm BK Steampunk v2

What is the goal?

Participants aim to complete a fresh 75 point Warmachine or Hordes army from unpainted to finished by the deadline of Sunday, September 4th.  Participants can use any miniatures that they own that are not yet painted.  Miniatures can be pre-assembled and primed.  If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they can either bring them by to show the staff they aren’t yet painted, or send us a picture of them.

The biggest goal of the Call to Arms is to have a great community of player grow throughout it.  Most of the staff will be getting involved, we will be posting blogs about the events and the forces in progress.  We invite everyone to join the BKG Warmachine Facebook group to showcase your projects, and make plans to play games or paint.  Basically if you’ve ever wanted to see what would happen if Black Knight Games went all-out on a game – this is it.  So don’t miss out.  Gather your forces, and plan out some painting time, and let’s all build our armies together!

WMH: Challenge Board & Tournament


We are very proud to announce our first ever Warmachine & Hordes Challenge Board League!  Exact details for how the league will work will be coming soon, but here are the basics:

  • Players will be given a Player Tag with their name, and their Caster’s name on it.
  • Players can earn Challenge Tags by defending themselves against a challenge from a player below them.
  • If they defend themselves successfully they earn a Challenge Tag and can now challenge a player above them.  If they fail they drop a rung and the player that challenged them takes their place.
  • When a player reaches the top, they must defend themselves three times to earn their way to the Hall of Fame.  After being so retired, the Hall of Fame player gets free entry back into the league with a different caster, starting at the bottom, and we’ll make Premium Tag for either their retired caster or the new one.
  • Players are encouraged to play their games on the Warmachine & Hordes Game Night, but are more than welcome to schedule matches at any time.

The Challenge Board league has an entry fee of $10, and we will be taking orders for custom engraved tags if people are interested in upgrading to a ‘Premium Tag’ for the cost of $10 additional.

The Challenge Board League will begin February 22nd.


WMH Challenge Board Frenzy Tournament

In order to seed the initial placement on the Challenge Board we will be hosting a tournament.  The tournament will function as a stand alone event, but in addition to the normal prizes the final standings of the tournament will also be our starting positions on the Challenge Board!

When: Sunday, February 21st, 11:00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 / $16.00 for Stronghold Members

Format: 35pts, Steamroller 2015, 2 Lists (Same Caster), Deathclock

Prizes: Privateer Press Pin Kit, Store Credit for the top players (dependent on attendance), Final Standings = Challenge Board Starting Positions.

Lunch: A Pizza lunch will be provided, and is covered in the entry fee.

Black Knight Games Game Nights

BKG Game Night

Thumbs UpIn addition to the many tournaments, leagues, and special events that we run at Black Knight Games we also host many weekly Game Nights.  Games Nights are important because they provide a specific time and place for our various gaming communities to meet and grow on a regular basis.  In the past our game nights were simply designated days where players from each community would meet, but now we are making them a bit more organized, and are rewarding our participants for helping us establish solid times where players can be sure to find an opponent.

When a player attends a Game Night they will sign in with the Staff.  Any Stronghold Members that do so will be entered in to a monthly draw where five of our lucky participants that month will win a $10.00 Credit at BKG!

Game Nights are FREE, and are open to all interested players.

Players are still welcome to play other games on these nights, and can certainly play these games on other nights, however only the listed games are official Game Night games on their designated nights.  Some games, like Magic: the Gathering will have regular nights with tournaments on them (like FNM), these are their own event type, and do not fall under the ‘Game Night’ category.



MTG - NewForce of WillGame of Thrones LCGNetrunner


Warhammer 40KX-Wing Dark


D&D Encounters


WMH 2Warhammer AoS


WMH Double Release Event

WMH Reckoning Devastation Release Event

This Sunday we will be hosting not one, but two Warmachine & Hordes Release Events simultaneously!  We have the kits for both the Hordes Devastation and Warmaching Reckoning release events ready to give out – which means faction pins for every single faction!

When: Sunday, November 8th, 11am (Registration at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16.00 for Stronghold Members), price includes pizza and a drink!

Prizes: We have both prize support kits to pass out, and if there is enough attendance we will add a prize pool as well.

Force Size: 50pts

Event Format: This is a release event for both books, and all the details for how the event will be run and scored can be found on the Privateer Press website!



Announcing Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms!

40K Call to Arms

After a long deliberation, and sorting through dozens of survey responses Black Knight Games is proud to announce our first Call to Arms event in almost two years: Warhammer 40,000!  Call to Arms is an army-building league where many participants join in and build a new (or expand on an old) army from scratch!

This Call to Arms will feature all three of Tim, Mykk, and Jay, and is open to anyone looking to start, get back in to, expand upon, or in any other ways build an army for Warhammer 40,000.  The league will include incentives for those that finish, plenty of gaming and hobby support events, a party at the end, and will lead in to a map-based league at the finish.  If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like for Black Knight Games to go all-out on a game for a few months you are about to find out!  More information will come shortly, but we can announce that the event will begin on November 14th – which just so happens to be the release date of all the new Horus Heresy stuff (coincidence?…).


We had tons of interest in the Call to Arms survey, and while we decided to begin with Warhammer 40,000 we got to see just how many people were interested in Warmachine & Hordes, as well as Age of Sigmar – and it was a ton of people.  So we have some great news for the members of those communities as well!


We are happy to announce that we will be beginning a Challenge Board league very shortly at Black Knight Games.  A challenge board is a player ranking where participants have a personalized tag on the board, and they work their way to the top by challenging and defeating their rivals.  If you can last at the top of the board for long enough you will earn a prize!  The Challenge Board League will be a great way for Warmachine & Hordes players to add a little something to their games on game nights, and at other times as well!

We are also very happy to announce that Warmachine & Hordes will be our next Call to Arms event, and we are already beginning plans for it.  So lock in April 17th on your calendar and prepare to build your army!  Jay has already made a big bet with Tim to ensure he’s got plenty of motivation to finish (beyond just beating Tim).

Warhammer AoS

Age of Sigmar is still a relatively new game at Black Knight Games, and we intend to support it well!  We have now added an Age of Sigmar game night to the calendar; beginning this month Age of Sigmar players can gather at 6pm every Thursday!  We have also scheduled our next Battle of the Scrolls event for Sunday, November 29th – so gather ye scrolls and do your best to defeat Jay and earn eternal glory…and some cool prizes too!