New Year’s Retrospective & Resolution



Jay HeadshotEvery year I like to take a look at how Black Knight Games has done over the past year when it comes to servicing our customers needs.  There is always room for improvement, and I believe that it’s important for a shop like ours to examine where we’ve succeeded, and where we haven’t – and to make the appropriate adjustments.

2015 Retrospective

This year saw some important changes at Black Knight.  We took pains to improve our Magic singles, and through the dedicated work of  the staff under the direction of Tim we have seen huge growth in that regard.  This was the first full year under Mike’s leadership up front, and he has implemented many small yet significant changes.  This year we brought back Call to Arms, and we are currently in the midst of the most successful Call to Arms event ever.  We ran more events then ever before, and improved our relations with other nearby game stores by coordinating events together.

This year was one of the best years we’ve ever had from a business standpoint.  Which is especially gratifying since we had a major hurdle this year in the absolutely abysmal US-Canadian exchange rate.  It’s hard to estimate just how much the poor Canadian Dollar hurt us, but it was a lot.  We have been able to cope with the hurdles we’ve faced by relying on the same four building blocks we have always focused on:

  • An amazing and invested staff, eager to help customers
  • An incredibly and loyal customer base
  • Knowledgeable and generous volunteers helping to solidify each gaming community
  • A commitment to running great event experiences

So thank you to all my amazing staff, the best customers in the world, and the awesome volunteers that help keep it all together!

2016 Resolution

Events - BKG

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at where we can improve in the coming year. Of the four building blocks listed above, the weakest has been the fourth: ‘A Commitment to running great event experiences.’  Now, I would contend that we ran some amazing events last year (more than ever in fact), and that our volunteers helped in this regard greatly.  However, one major ingredient has been lacking more often that I would like – and that is advanced planning.

To that end I am making a commitment for 2016 to plan our events better, earlier, and to post and promote them better.  Too often in 2015 did possible participants miss out on events because I didn’t make them aware of them.  This has impacted attendance, and affected the overall health of the gaming communities at Black Knight Games.

The first step has been to re-launch and update our Events Page.  The new design is meant to put all the information you will need in one place.  Weekly game nights, tournaments, special events – all will have a home on the new Events Page giving you a snapshot of all the available gaming for each game system.  Not only does the Events Page have a smarter design, but I am committing now to post events to it much further in advance.  The goal will be to give you an idea of events for the next three months all in one place.

Over the next week I will be catching the page up, and pre-planning events for the next three months.

The next step is to support these planned events through Facebook, by creating events for them all well in advance.  Too often did we create Facebook events with hardly any time left, and that impacts your opportunity to discover and plan to attend the event.  We will create Facebook events, and link them to the Events Page so that you can join on Facebook, and keep up on any conversation and updates there.

It all feels so obvious, but it has been hard to get ahead on the planning in the past – so we will be using this moment to surge ahead.  Please hold me to this commitment, if you feel that events aren’t well planned or announced early enough – let me know.

This resolution will improve the quality of our events, as well as their attendance – and through this improvement we hope to make 2016 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

~Jay Mason-Grant
Black Knight Games

Website Down Tonight


Our website will be down this evening from 5:00pm for a server move.

We hope that the delay will be brief, but it could take quite some time.  Please contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, or by phone if you have any questions or concerns as our email will also be down for a time.  We are sorry for the inconvenience!

We had a bug, but we kicked him out


I just wanted to give you all a quick update.  Over the last day or so a few people reported that they were getting a virus warning when they went on to our website.  We acted quickly and had our administrators look in to it right away.  It turns out we did have a small bug on the main blog page, which has now been removed.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you very much to everyone that called in or messaged us letting us know about the problem – it was very helpful and allowed us to catch it right away.

If you visited our main site on Friday, or on Saturday morning I would recommend running an anti-virus scan just to be safe.  It certainly wasn’t a very dangerous bug but better safe than sorry!

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience while we resolved it.  We are now back to 100% safe, so please don’t hesitate to explore the site as usual!

~The Black Knight

NOTE: The back-up fix messed up the menu bar a little bit, it will be back to normal as soon as we can fix it.

Back up at 100%!

After experiencing some downtime and technical difficulties that can only have been caused by over-ambitious gremlins in our interwebz chamber, our website is finally back up and running properly!  If you go to the forum, and it still looks like a jigsaw puzzle please clear your cache and it should look all nice and shiney again.

We are sorry for the disruption, and are very pleased to have it rectified!  Thank you for your understanding, and please stop mailing us severed pewter horse head bits in the mail, we got your message loud and clear and will never let you down again (not a guarantee).


~The Black Knight


We are almost finished with some important maintenance and site repair-work.  Our Site and Forum should be back to functioning properly soon.  We are sorry for the inconvenience!

~The Black Knight

Back At It!

I have been gone on vacation for the past week, which is why there haven’t been any recent updates.  So now that I am back from the land of sun and sand there are a bunch of things to catch up on.

  • -Check back soon for the April Calendar.
  • -I have just updated the Warhammer Call to Arms page, and am happy to announce that we have now tied our record for participants at 27 (and counting).
  • -We have exciting news coming up, maybe later today, about a new Black Knight Games reward system.
  • -We have lots of restocks that have arrived today, so if you’ve been waiting for something to arrive check in with us!

So I’ll get back to playing catch-up, but stay tuned for more news!

~The Black Knight

Knights of the Realm Page Updated!

Our Knights of the Realm webpage has been updated, and the results from the 2-Day 40K event has been applied to the standings for the Warhammer 40,000 gaming season.

If you are interested in joining in the Knights of the Realm gaming season all you have to do is ask!  Knights of the Realm is open to all Stronghold Members, and is free!  Simply ask the staff to add your name to the list.  If you have already participated in some of the events that count towards the gaming season ask the staff to look back for points you’ve already earned.  There are prizes, so sign up now and get rewarded for playing in the events you participate in already!

Honestly, I’m just making this post because I LOVE our new Knights of the Realm logo, and just wanted to show it off!  But seriously join up now: Free, Fun, Prizes!  ~The Black Knight

Site Under Construction

We are working on a site upgrade.  So, if you see some strange looking areas, or missing links etc. that is why.  I will post an update as soon as the new site is completely up and running explaining all of our changes and additions, so stay tuned!

~The Black Knight

Back from GenCon!

Well my week-long excursion to GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis has come to an end.  This was the first time I attended GenCon Indy, and I was blown away by the size of it.  Over 30,000 people attended the four-day gaming Mecca, and over 8,600 events took place.  I myself took advantage of several demonstrations, and learned a dozen new games.  I also was in attendance at several seminars for gaming retailers, including a seminar by Fantasy Flight where they announced Decent: Second Edition for the first time ever!  I got to try out the new Magic: the Gathering Mini Masters format, which was a great time.  You can try it at the upcoming Magic Celebration event at Black Knight Games.  There were hundreds of exhibitor booths where you could try out new games, buy gaming gear, talk to artists and authors, buy costumes and weapons, get limited edition, or pre-release items and all kinds of other stuff.

Four days was not enough to take in everything, and even though my time was spent fairly well I came nowhere near doing everything I wished to do.  I was thoroughly impressed, and encourage anyone to go out an attend the biggest gaming event in North America next year if you can.  Indianapolis is a long way from here, but the trip was certainly worth it!

Now that I am back there is work to do.  We have had very minimal re-stocks, or internet updates in the past week.  We have to update the end of the Malifaux Call to Arms, and give out more info on the new Warmachine Call to Arms that begins this weekend.  And there is a ton of new releases to get on to our shop floor.  So stay tuned as I attempt to catch up from the best four days in gaming, at GenCon 2011!

~The Black Knight

Forum is back up and running.

Hey guys quick message to let you know that the forum is back up and running.  We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused during this maintenance period (and by maintenance we mean period when the forum was down because Jay thought he knew more about internet code then he actually does…).

So we are back up and running again, so go!  What are you waiting for?  Get on the forums and talk about the latest rumor, idea for a Knightly Order, or disturbing internet meme!