Zoom Hangout: MTG

Last night we hosted a Zoom Hangout where we were cracking the store’s mtg singles from Ikoria and members of the comunity joined in to chat and get dibs on stuff we opened. Well it went very well, and we are eager to provide more similar opportunities for the MTG community to hang out together during all this! So tomorrow we are going to try another Zoom Hangout – this time one where you can chat about the new set, games on Arena, and maybe even open up some of the packs you got from us!

How it will work:
We will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting with a staff moderator. Jump on, chat about all things MTG, and just visit with the members of the community you miss! We encourage you to keep some of your Ikoria product sealed so that you can open it on the stream because we will have a prize/contest for those that do!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our community even through all this, so our staff moderator will have a little challenge or contest or giveaway for those participating. There will be a prize of some sort relating to the cards people crack on the stream too 😉

How and When to Join:
Saturday, May 16th from 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID: 924 0822 7832
Password: ikoria

MTG Ikoria Singles Opening Hangout

Ikoria is almost here! One of the steps we always take when a new set arrives is to open up some for the store to kick off our MTG singles collection for the new set. Well we have decided to try something new this time, and that is to crack these cards live with you!

How it will work:
Several staff will be taking home sealed Ikoria stock to open up, and we will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting where they will be opening it all up. Members of the BKG community are encouraged to join us and virtually hang out while we do so, talking about everything from the new set, to how we’re keeping sane during lockdown!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our Ikoria Launch experience, so we will be doing a couple things to keep you engaged and reward your participation. First of all, ‘Dibs’ will be in effect for those that are watching. If you see a card you really want opened you can let us know and we will put it aside for you! Secondly, we will be doing some fun give-aways and maybe even a little competition or two. So just by watching you can win some free Ikoria stuff!

How and When to Join:
Thursday, May 14th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID: 937 3371 8809
Password: ikoria

Remote Painting Table

We always feel that the best way to paint is in a group.  Newer painters can ask questions and learn, good painters get to show off a little, you can bounce ideas off each other, and just enjoy the company of those that share this wonderful hobby with you. 

We’ve moved our Painting Table event to be digital! We’ll be hosting a weekly Painting Table via Zoom, and posting the link to join in both the Discord and our BKG in Exile Facebook group. Come hang out and hobby from the comfort of your own home!

When: Every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Entry Fee: None! Just join the Zoom and paint!

How to Join: We will post the link for the zoom meeting each week on Facebook, our events page, and Discord. Click it an join! You’ll need a camera, which you can either position to look at your miniature as it’s being painted, or on your face – whatever you prefer.

(Meeting ID: 933-5136-4365  //  Password: sigmar)

New Painters: Want to learn how to paint, or something new?  Perfect!  We will have staff online, and they’ll be more than happy to teach you what they know.  Other painters will be sure to pipe in with their own advice.  So, while this isn’t an organized seminar event, it will be a great spot to learn, and in some ways even better because you’ll learn tailored to the project you are working on.

Thanks for making Demo Day awesome!

Our Demo Day this year was a huge success thanks to you! Here are just a few clips from the event, and if you couldn’t come out for it this time around, we hope you’ll be able to join us Black Friday weekend 2019!

Demo Day Goody Box Preview!

Today Evan is giving you folks a preview of what you can expect in the Demo Day Goody box! Check out the video below to get some of the details on Demo Day and see some of the awesome stuff you’ll be getting with your entry!

International Table Top Day is Coming to BKG – April 11th

Table Top Day is April 5th

We will be making out own announcement on our plans for Table Top Day shortly, so stay tuned and mark it off on your calendars!!!

Awesome New Magic: the Gathering Show!

Those stone-cold gamers over at Geek & Sundry have done it again, with a great new show about Magic: the Gathering. Spellslingers just aired its first ever episode where Sean Plott (aka Day[9]) plays games of Magic with his friends. The show is fun, and informative so if you are a Magic player enjoy!

We’re Looking for an Event Planner for Apocalypticon!

If interested please apply to matthew@miniwargaming.com, and help us make this year’s Apocalypticon event the best ever!

Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse is Coming!

The new 40K Apocalypse Book is coming out shortly.  The video indicates the date that the White Dwarf will reveal all, while the actual release date for Apocalypse will be July 13th.  This is perfect timing to get everyone excited about our Apocalypticon event which is only a couple of weeks later!