New Year’s Retrospective & Resolution



Jay HeadshotEvery year I like to take a look at how Black Knight Games has done over the past year when it comes to servicing our customers needs.  There is always room for improvement, and I believe that it’s important for a shop like ours to examine where we’ve succeeded, and where we haven’t – and to make the appropriate adjustments.

2015 Retrospective

This year saw some important changes at Black Knight.  We took pains to improve our Magic singles, and through the dedicated work of  the staff under the direction of Tim we have seen huge growth in that regard.  This was the first full year under Mike’s leadership up front, and he has implemented many small yet significant changes.  This year we brought back Call to Arms, and we are currently in the midst of the most successful Call to Arms event ever.  We ran more events then ever before, and improved our relations with other nearby game stores by coordinating events together.

This year was one of the best years we’ve ever had from a business standpoint.  Which is especially gratifying since we had a major hurdle this year in the absolutely abysmal US-Canadian exchange rate.  It’s hard to estimate just how much the poor Canadian Dollar hurt us, but it was a lot.  We have been able to cope with the hurdles we’ve faced by relying on the same four building blocks we have always focused on:

  • An amazing and invested staff, eager to help customers
  • An incredibly and loyal customer base
  • Knowledgeable and generous volunteers helping to solidify each gaming community
  • A commitment to running great event experiences

So thank you to all my amazing staff, the best customers in the world, and the awesome volunteers that help keep it all together!

2016 Resolution

Events - BKG

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at where we can improve in the coming year. Of the four building blocks listed above, the weakest has been the fourth: ‘A Commitment to running great event experiences.’  Now, I would contend that we ran some amazing events last year (more than ever in fact), and that our volunteers helped in this regard greatly.  However, one major ingredient has been lacking more often that I would like – and that is advanced planning.

To that end I am making a commitment for 2016 to plan our events better, earlier, and to post and promote them better.  Too often in 2015 did possible participants miss out on events because I didn’t make them aware of them.  This has impacted attendance, and affected the overall health of the gaming communities at Black Knight Games.

The first step has been to re-launch and update our Events Page.  The new design is meant to put all the information you will need in one place.  Weekly game nights, tournaments, special events – all will have a home on the new Events Page giving you a snapshot of all the available gaming for each game system.  Not only does the Events Page have a smarter design, but I am committing now to post events to it much further in advance.  The goal will be to give you an idea of events for the next three months all in one place.

Over the next week I will be catching the page up, and pre-planning events for the next three months.

The next step is to support these planned events through Facebook, by creating events for them all well in advance.  Too often did we create Facebook events with hardly any time left, and that impacts your opportunity to discover and plan to attend the event.  We will create Facebook events, and link them to the Events Page so that you can join on Facebook, and keep up on any conversation and updates there.

It all feels so obvious, but it has been hard to get ahead on the planning in the past – so we will be using this moment to surge ahead.  Please hold me to this commitment, if you feel that events aren’t well planned or announced early enough – let me know.

This resolution will improve the quality of our events, as well as their attendance – and through this improvement we hope to make 2016 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

~Jay Mason-Grant
Black Knight Games

Store Wars: X-Wing at BKG

X-Wing Store Wars S2E1

The Second Season of the Store Wars X-Wing Gaming Circuit is underway!  Check out our first of two events in this circuit:

When: Saturday, August 15th, 11:00am (Registration at 10:30am)

Forces: 100pts, Normal FFG guidelines for new releases apply

Rounds: We will run between 3-5 Rounds with no cut (based on attendance), rounds will be set at 75 minutes. When time is called, players will finish the round (meaning all ships finish activating on both sides for that round).

Prizes: The top 25% of players will earn prizes in Store Credit.  All players will earn Store Wars points to help them attempt to qualify for the Store Wars Circuit Finale!

May the Force Be With You…and the Focus, the Target Lock, and the Dice too!



Warmachine & Hordes: BKG Store Wars Tournament

WMH SW January

Season Two of Store Wars has begun, and the first Black Knight Games event is coming at the end of January!

What is Store Wars?: Store Wars is a cross-store tournament circuit that includes six participating stores in the area.  Each tournament in the circuit will give players points to qualify for the Store Wars Grand Tournament, held later this year.  You can learn all about Store Wars and this year’s Warmachine circuit at

When: Saturday, January 31st at 10:30am – Registration at 10:00am

Entry Fee: $20.00

Southern Ontario OpenPrize Pool: We will have a Privateer Press Pin Kit to reward the top three players.  In addition there will be a prize pool to distribute to the top 25% of players based on the standings paid out in Black Knight Games store credit.

In addition we are very pleased to partner with the biggest Warmachine event in Canada: the Southern Ontario Open.  The winner of this Store Wars tournament will get a free Weekend Pass to the Southern Ontario Open (a $55.00 value!)

Store Wars Points: The top 10 players will all win points towards the overall Store Wars standings to help them qualify for the Grand Tournament – which has some great prizes itself!

Preregister: We have a good amount of space, and are expecting a very high turnout for this one – so we will be doing everything we can to fit as many people as we comfortably can.  However, there will be an event cap on attendance so it would be very wise to preregister as soon as you know you will be attending.  Simply drop by or call in and pay over the phone to reserve your spot!


Store Wars X-Wing

X-Wing SW Major

The X-Wing page on has been updated and includes full standings for the circuit as is.  With only one minor tournament left (at X-Planet this Saturday) we are about to enter Majors territory, where the points get bigger and so do the stakes!  The first X-Wing Major is in just under two weeks at Black Knight Games so be sure to put it on your calendar as there is still plenty of time to earn one of the Limited Edition Store Wars Mats (which go to the top 16 players) as well as a Free spot at X-Wing Canadian Nationals right here in Hamilton, and hosted by ourselves and the other Store Wars participating stores.  Looking at the standings it might only take attending a few Majors to qualify, so grab your Tie-Fighters and some eight sided X-Wing dice and join us on August 30th for the BKG Major!

Sat, Aug 30 BKG Store Wars Major 100pts $20.00 Major Store Wars Event, Registration:


X-Wing Canadian Nationals in Hamilton!

X-Wing Nationals

X-Wing Nationals is coming to Hamilton and will be hosted by Black Knight Games and the five other stores in the Store Wars Circuit!  There are two great ways that you can participate, the first is to register now for your own ticket.  Tickets are only $30.00, and allow you to purchase one of the amazing X-Wing Nationals game mats for only $15.00 (normally a $45.00 value)!  You can buy tickets on the X-Wing Canadian Nationals Page.

The second way that you can participate is by earning your place through the Store Wars circuit!  At the end of the 12 tournament circuit the sixteen players with the most points will get a FREE spot at Nationals and get a FREE Nationals game mat!  Each of the six stores will be hosting a pair of tournaments, one Minor and one Major.  Participation in those tournaments will earn you points towards the overall standings.  With only a few of the Minor events in the books there is still plenty of time to earn your way in.  Here are all the remaining upcoming events (remember that Majors earn you more points than Minors):

Star Wars Mat Nationals

The Exclusive Canadian Nationals Game Mat


August 9th: Phoenix Rising
August 23rd: X Planet Games


August 30th: Black Knight Games
September 6th: Dragon
September 13th: Forbes Hobbies
September 27th: Hobby Kingdom
October 4th: Phoenix Rising
October 11th: X Planet Games

Nationals will be held here in Hamilton at the Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday, October 25th.  Check out all the details HERE

X-Wing: Store Wars Minor this Saturday

Store Wars X-Wing

Store Wars is an organization of multiple stores in the Ontario region that get together and run tournaments circuits spanning many events and many stores.  Store Wars is proud to add X-Wing to our list of circuits, and this Saturday we have the first event in the Store Wars X-Wing circuit right here at Black Knight Games!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, July 5th, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00

Points Value: 100pts

Rounds: Depends on attendance (8 players or less: 3 Rounds, 9-16 players: 4 Rounds, 17+ players: 5 Rounds), 75 minutes per round.

Prizes: All participants will receive points towards the Store Wars standings based on their results.  In addition store credit will be rewarded to the top 25% of players in the tournament based on attendance.

Store Wars: This is a Minor Store Wars event.  You can find out all about Store Wars on our website, and Facebook page.  There are six stores participating in the X-Wing circuit, an each store will have a Major and a Minor tournament.  Majors have a slightly higher entry fee, and earn you more points in the Standings.  The top 16 players in the Store Wars circuit will get Free Entry to the X-Wing Nationals event this year, as well as some other cool stuff.


BKG Auction & Anniversary Party

BKG Auction

Lucky Number 7!  Black Knight Games has now been open for seven years, and we thank you, our loyal customers, for every minute of it!  To help us celebrate we need you to join us for Fun, Cake, Games, Giveaways, and even an Auction!

When: Saturday, June 28th, All Day!

Bring: Whatever you want to play, yourself, and an appetite to eat some delicious birthday cake.

Giveaway Draws: Everyone that walks in the door on June 28th will get a free ballot for our Anniversary Party draws.  You will also get another ballot for every $10 you spend that day.  There will be several great prize draws, and you may put your ballots into any combination of ballot boxes.

Auction: The Silent portion of the auction begins at 1:00pm, where you will have the chance to examine the lots and place bids.  Any items with at least two bidders will progress to the Live auction at 2:00pm, those that don’t are sold to the sole bidder as long as it meets the reserve bit (if there is one).


In past years we have used the auction as a fun way to clean house a little bit, and to give our customers the opportunity for some great deals.  This year we want to extend that opportunity to you!  For the first time BKG will be allowing YOU to sell off some of your old stuff in the auction!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring in any items that you think might be worth selling, and that someone would want, by the deadline (Thursday, June 26th, 10:00pm)
  2. Items should be put into lots that might include one item, or many items of a certain type.  All auction lots should be worth at least $20 retail, new.  We reserve the right to refuse any lots that we do not deem appropriate, or worth selling.  Everything from a bag of miscellaneous bits to fully painted armies is welcome.
  3. You choose the Starting Bid value.  You may also opt to add a ‘Reserve Bid‘ value, which is a secret number that the auction must reach before it actually will be sold (for example you might set the Starting Bid at $20, and the Reserve Bid at $50.  If the highest bid was $43, the item would not actually be sold because it did not meet the reserve).  It is made known if an item has a Reserve Bid, but not what that number is.  Once the final bid has been placed it will be made known if the item met the Reserve.
  4. Any items that are sold will be processed by Black Knight Games, and the original owner will be compensated with an equal amount of Black Knight Games credit!
  5. Any items that do not sell, or don’t meet the Reserve Bid, will be returned to their owner.

So unload some of your old stuff, and turn it into BKG credit.  And be sure to check out all the great deals as well!

WMH: Store Wars Standings from the BKG Major

Congratulations to Marc-Andre for his first place finish at the Store Wars Major this weekend.  Standings listed below include the scores from the final-table variant where a first/second game and a third/fourth game were played.

Name (Points Earned) Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Mark Andre Leblanc (31) Circle Orboros 5 (17.0)(15)(205)
Freeman Carter (26) Khador 4 (17.0)(18)(220)
Tim Banky (22) Protectorate of Menoth 4 (20.0)(17)(217)
Bill Nichols (18) Khador 4 (16.0)(16)(154)
Cory Wierstra (15) Skorne 3 (13.0)(7)(116)
Justin Paquet (12) Circle Orboros 3 (13.0)(2)(139)
Nicholas Oshukany (10) Legion of Everblight 3 (12.0)(5)(135)
Alex Solomon (8) Skorne 3 (11.0)(8)(144)
Dustin McWhirter (6) Cygnar 3 (11.0)(4)(124)
Jeremey McCloure (4) Cygnar 3 (11.0)(4)(84)
Chris Orr (2) Protectorate of Menoth 3 (9.0)(14)(176)
Mike Woodly (2) Circle Orboros 3 (8.0)(8)(125)
Chris Heggemann (2) Retribution of Scyrah 2 (13.0)(3)(128)
Scott Talarico (2) Trollbloods 2 (12.0)(3)(116)
Allan Huneault (2) Trollbloods 2 (12.0)(1)(97)
Owen Schindel (2) Protectorate of Menoth 2 (11.0)(13)(102)
Colin Faubert (2) Cygnar 2 (11.0)(0)(132)
Gary Bento (2) Retribution of Scyrah 2 (11.0)(0)(122)
Dave Aiken (2) Trollbloods 2 (10.0)(11)(113)
Richard Valiquette (2) Khador 2 (10.0)(6)(143)
Tim Rafuse (2) Minions 2 (10.0)(5)(141)
Chris Dalton (2) Khador 2 (9.0)(8)(59)
Brian Agate (2) Cryx 2 (9.0)(10)(101)
Kevin Veilleux (2) Retribution of Scyrah 2 (8.0)(0)(144)
Miles Smith (2) Skorne 2 (6.0)(5)(132)
Donald McLean (2) Retribution of Scyrah 1 (10.0)(2)(92)
Brent Grice (2) Khador 1 (9.0)(6)(125)
Mike Long (2) Cryx 1 (9.0)(1)(36)
Nick Hodges (2) Legion of Everblight 1 (8.0)(6)(157)
James Smith (2) Cygnar 1 (8.0)(6)(78)
Matt Flynn (2) Mercenaries 1 (8.0)(3)(128)
Nick Tannous (2) Cryx 1 (8.0)(0)(66)
Dave Gouthier (2) Protectorate of Menoth 1 (6.0)(5)(95)
Ray Fisher (2) Retribution of Scyrah 1 (6.0)(1)(68)
Adam Young (2) Skorne 1 (6.0)(0)(98)
Dave Potts (2) Trollbloods 1 (6.0)(0)(88)
David Chandler (2) Protectorate of Menoth 1 (5.0)(3)(46)
Jordan Crocket (2) Legion of Everblight 1 (5.0)(1)(98)
Jason Lucas (2) Skorne 0 (5.0)(0)(46)
Kevin Austin (2) Legion of Everblight 0 (5.0)(0)(33)

Store Wars!!!

Store Wars

Good day everyone,

We would like to announce something truly exciting. I say we, because in an unprecedented move, several stores have decided to work together and create a gaming circuit for the New Year, and the first game we are going to spotlight is Warmachine and Hordes!

We are calling the circuit Store Wars, and the idea is to unite the communities of our various stores and put up a series of tournaments that culminates in one Grand Tournament, where amazing prizes will be offered. Each store will hold one Major and one Minor tournament whereby players that participate score points. The top 32 players at the end of the circuit will then be invited to enter the Grand Tournament (for free!) to compete for some truly great prizes from their favorite store!

Below, in alphabetical order, we have a list of all of us that are cooperating to make this happen.

Black Knight Games
Forbes Hobbies
Hobby Kingdom
X Planet Games

To find out more details regarding this event, please check out our Facebook page!

We hope that we will see a lot of you come out and play, and we look forward to this becoming an ongoing event. From all of us thank you for taking the time to read this!

~The Store Wars Team