Stronghold Membership Lockdown

Normally our Stronghold Memberships are an annual purchase expiring at the end of June.  This year with the COVID-19 lockdown those plans have been disrupted.

Truthfully we don’t know what we want to do for our memberships this year, there is just so much up in the air.  Are rewards that include events, or cards that need to be stamped worth having?  Not right now they aren’t, but hopefully at some point this year they will be.

So we are introducing the Stronghold Membership LOCKDOWN.

Basically for a very small fee you will be able to put a pin in your membership.  Until such a time as we are able to launch our next annual Stronghold Membership you will get:

-Your Stronghold Points bonus extended past June indefinitely – until our next membership launches.
-Access to a Stronghold Newsletter which will include regular promotions, sales, and discount codes for our website – we won’t spam you though!
-Your membership remains active, so you will gain any bonuses when renewing next time.
-The $10 cost of this item will immediately be sent right back to you as an electronic Gift Card for the webstore – so it’s practically FREE!


If you are a Premium Stronghold Member (Red Card) you can extend yours the same way.  You will already be familiar with the concept of the rewards newsletter, and you will continue to get perks in addition to the ones offered by the regular Stronghold Newsletter!

You’ve got some time to jump onboard as event without the Stronghold Membership Lockdown all membership perks will be extended beyond the July 1 expiration date for everyone for the next two weeks automatically anyhow, with the new expiration date being July 15th.

So be sure to support BKG and grab your Stronghold Membership Lockdown soon, get your money right back as a gift card, get access to regular promotions, and perks that will continue until we launch our next Stronghold Membership some day off in the future!

Free Dreadfleet Registration Contest!

Black Knight Games will be giving away one brand shiny new Dreadfleet game to a lucky customer!  How can you win? There are six (yes six) different ways you can enter:

1. Sign up for one or more of our newsletters

We have a great new monthly newsletter system that allows you to get news from your favourite games.  At the moment we have newsletters for Warhammer/Warhammer 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Other Wargames, Magic: the Gathering, and BKG Headlines.  Each of these newsletters focuses exclusively on the gaming news, events and new releases for that game.

You can register for our newsletters in person, or by clicking here.

2. Become a Stronghold Member

If you aren’t already a Stronghold Member become one!  Stronghold Members get 5% off all regularly priced items, a discount on event entry fees and snacks and drinks, as well as other great promotions.  Memberships are $20 and last a year.  Check out the details on Stronghold Memberships here.  You can become one by dropping by the store in person.

3. Register on our Gaming Forums

If you aren’t already on the BKG forums join up!  The Black Knight Games forum is a great online community where gamers from BKG discuss anything and everything.  Registration is free, so join the conversation!  You can sign up here.

4. Like us on Facebook

Start getting updates on BKG right through your facebook account!  Go to the Black Knight Games facebook page here to ‘like’ us!

5. Follow us on Twitter

We post Black Knight Games news on Twitter daily, so following us is an easy and fast way to keep up to date on what’s going on at your friendly local game store!  Follow us here.

6. Post a Comment to this Article

Comment?  Yes!  Your BKG forum login also logs you in to be able to post comments.  So all you need to discuss the articles in our news blog is to be a member of the forum.  In the past version of our site this feature wasn’t very obvious, but now it’s super easy with the new forum design.  So post a comment down below and keep it clean!  Why are we rewarding you for this?  Well, nobody ever seems to comment on these posts, and we’d like to get the conversation going!  So comment on this blog post, and comment on any other ones that catch your fancy (although you only get in to the contest for this article…).

Its’s as easy as that!  Each person may complete one or more of these tasks, each one entering them in to the draw (so you can get your name in the draw more then once).  Performing each task will automatically register you in the contest.  If you are already a Stronghold Member that is actively involved in the forum, follows our tweets, likes our facebook page, you’ve registered for our newsletters AND you have some sort of bizarre fear of commenting??  Well…thank you very much!  You are truly awesome and we value your loyal patronage, although your commentophobia is a little strange but who are we to judge?

The contest deadline is Sunday November 13th, and the draw will happen on Monday November 14th.

Good luck!

~The Black Knight

Major Announcement: Newsletters Everywhere!

Black Knight Games is beginning a great new system of email newsletters to keep you in touch with the news you care about.  Rather then sending out one blanket newsletter we have made several email lists that you can sign up for.  This way Magic players can get the Magic: the Gathering news, without having to sift through a bunch of info on stuff they don’t care about, and 40K players can quickly skim over all of the Warhammer happenings, without having to hear about the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh set.  When you sign up for our newsletter you will be prompted to select which lists you would like to join, you can select more then one, here are the newsletter lists that we will begin with:

  1. BKG Headlines: This newsletter will only discuss the most important events, sales and news at Black Knight Games.  Received only when there is relevant news.
  2. Magic: the Gathering: This newsletter will cover everything possible for Magic: the Gathering, including all our Magic events, from FNMs to Pre-Releases, new and upcoming releases, and other MTG news.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  3. Warmachine & Hordes: This newsletter will cover the world of Warmachine.  New and upcoming releases will be listed, along with news and information on our leagues, tournaments and other events.  Other Privateer Press related info will make its way in as well from time to time.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  4. Warhammer & Warhammer 40K: This newsletter will include any information and news on the systems of Games Workshop, focusing mainly on the two Warhammer worlds.  New releases will be included, as well as upcoming releases (when available).  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  5. Wargaming: This newsletter is a catch-all for other wargames that are popular at Black Knight Games, like Flames of War, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Kings of War etc. Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.

Over time we may add or subtract newsletter listings based on the customer interest as well as the amount of news a particular game or category of games has.  So in time there may be a Board Game newsletter, or one for other Collectibles, or RPGs, only time will tell.  If there is an area that you feel we are not covering enough please let us know!  You can unsubscribe from our newsletter lists any time, anonymously, so sign up now and get all of the important BKG news delivered right to you!

You can sign up for our newsletter any time by clicking on the button at the top left of this page, or through facebook.  However just to make it super easy for those of you reading: