Fundraiser Update: Stretch Goal Hit!

indiegogoTotal Funds Raised: $4505.00

We have unlocked the $4000 Stretch Goal! Now we will begin to offer some quick and easy microwavable meals, and maybe even some other food options as well. You’ve also earned us all a stack of cafeteria trays which can be used for meals as well as for carting around your armies on tournament days. Also, you earned an upgrade to the Perks! All sets of 2D6 have now become sets of 12D6 (except the Wizard and Master Wizard who gain a Playmat instead of the upgrade. The king gets both a Playmat AND 2 sets of 12 D6!).

Next up is the $5000 Stretch Goal, which will get us an X-Box, and a Foodball Table to add to the gaming space! These fun additions will give you something to do while waiting for your friend to show up, or in between games! We’re only $495 away from it, so we could get it quite quickly!

I am now revealing the next perk after the $5000 one, and it is a major one: If we hit $7500 we will renovate part of the store and add a private game room which we will call ‘The Keep’. The Keep will not cut in to the existing gaming space, so it will give us 2 extra tables of gaming, and also give us a nice private area that can be used for RPGs, private events or birthday parties, or just a quite corner to play your matches in. I would love to hit this goal especially as it will really give us a bunch of added options. Without your support it isn’t possible however since it requires quite a bit or renovation, but I sure think it will be worth it!

I can’t thank you enough for all the support. We’re almost at the half-way point, so let’s keep it going and make this gaming space something to truly be proud of!

Goal 3 Reached

You can help us make the new Stronghold Game Lounge the best game room in town, check out our fundraiser at or contribute in the store!

Fundraiser Update!

Hey guys,

Stronghold Game Lounge IconI filmed a fundraiser video updating everyone on how the fundraising campaign we are doing to make our new game lounge is going!  In it I discuss the campaign in general, let you know more about the Stretch Goals that we have already hit, and the ones that we are aiming at next.  And, of course, I thank you all for helping make this all possible!

If you haven’t already checked out our campaign check it out HERE!

Remember that you can help by donating on the indiegogo campaign itself, or in person in the shop.  Donors get to claim all kinds of great perks too!  But, you can certainly help us out even if you aren’t able to donate – by liking the video on Facebook or Twitter, but telling your friends, and by just giving us feedback.

Thank you all for your help in our goal of making Black Knight Games even better, check out the update!

~The Black Knight

Stronghold Lounge Fundraiser Update – Stretch Goal #1 Hit!

Stronghold Game Loung 2In case you weren’t aware we are running a big fundraiser on to help us raise some money to make our new Stronghold Game Lounge amazing.  You can check it out HERE and find out how you can help out!

Our generous donors had already helped us hit our initial goal – which would make the new Stronghold Game Lounge equal the quality of our existing space (only much bigger).  So we turned to the real fun stuff – Stretch Goals that would allow us to add some amazing new improvements.  With each Stretch Goal that we meet we will add more cool stuff to the space – ultimately with the goal of unlocking some really cool stuff like a Private Gaming Area, a series of televisions, cool decorations, and even a licensed bar to allow us to run age restricted veterans nights!  So where are we at now?

Today we unlocked our first Stretch Goal!  Thanks to our generous contributors you will now get to relax in a comfortable lounge area between games.  Included in this goal was ‘Hot Drinks’ which Black Knight Games will begin to serve in the shop every day!  We will be setting up a Keurig hot drink maker and will sell a variety of the drinks for it including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even some fancy stuff like lattes!

2000 Take a Load Off U

The next Stretch Goal will be unlocked if/when we get to $3000 in total pledges (remember that we are including pledges people make in person in the store, so they will not show up on the actual indiegogo campaign).  The $3000 pledge is called Extra Points for Presentation and it will really make the space look amazing.  It will give us a second Premium Table (which will also give us a second ‘The Builder’ perk),  a really neat life-sized Medieval Town decor, and a network of Televisions throughout the space!

3000 Presentation L

Looking beyond that we now reveal the following perk, and it’s pretty sweet.  The Lunch Time! Stretch Goal will unlock food items to our menu, like frozen pizzas and pasta.  It will include a good microwave to allow customers to make themselves hot meals.  It will also include cafeteria treys which will be available to all members- and they can be used for food or for carting your army around on tournaments!  But, beyond that we will make your own perks even better too!  All sets of 2 Black Knight Games dice will become sets of 12 in a nice case!  The Wizard and Master Wizard do not get this upgrade, instead they get a limited edition Playmat!  And the King?  Well the King gets 2 sets of dice AND a playmat.  This goal will be unlocked at $4000 –  so if we are all lucky enough to reach it we all get rewarded!

4000 Lunch Time L

Thanks again to all of you that have had a look at the campaign and even considered contributing!  But remember, there are other ways to help us out too – even if you can’t contribute now.  You can like our campaign on Facebook, and Twitter, and other social media.  Tell your friends about us too.  Finally please let us know what YOU think.  We would love your advise and opinions, so let us know what would make YOU get excited about the new game room.

Together we can make the New Black Knight Games the best game room in town!


~The Black Knight


Stronghold Game Lounge Fundraiser

As most of you already know Black Knight Games is undergoing some major improvements, including a move to a new and bigger location.  We already have enough set aside to make the move, and make the new location work.  But – we are more ambitious than that!  We would like to turn our big new gaming area into the gaming space of your dreams.  We have all kinds of great ideas to create an amazing game room, but we can only accomplish these goals if we get some help.

So, we are starting up a fundraisng campaign on to allow you and all the other amazing and loyal members of the BKG community the chance to pitch in.

How much will we earn through this?  Who knows!  But I can tell you this: every cent we get will go directly to making the new space even better.

We have set stretch goals which are milestones we hope to hit, each on we knock down means we cram even more awesome into the space.  A lounge area, hot food and drinks, TVs, an X-Box for you to kill time on, a fooseball table, amazing wall decorations, a private gaming room, and even a licensed bar are all goals we would love to hit.  And we’ll even reward you for you help through all kinds of great perks!

So what are you waiting for?  Click the link below, check out our campaign, and make Black Knight Games even better!!!


New Stronghold Membership Program

As we already discussed Black Knight Games is moving. It’s a major shake up, and we are taking the opportunity to unveil several great changes and improvements – it’s ‘The New Black Knight Games.’  Our first major change is our new, improved, Stronghold Rewards!

Our Stronghold Program is changing in a big way, but don’t worry – not only will you keep all the great value from before, but we are adding some great new perks and a lot more flexibility in how you claim your rewards.  You can read about all of the details on the new Stronghold Rewards Page, but I will summarize our changes here.

The Return to Points
Rather than allotting our members a generic 5% discount like we have been doing we will be using a great reward points tracker to assign Stronghold Points to every customer for every purchase.  Members can redeem these points for great discounts (as good as, if not better than before) at the time of purchase.  Basically, once you have earned enough points the till will prompt us that you are eligible for a discount.  We’ll say “Looks like you have enough points to get $10 off your purchase today.  Would you like to use them?” and you will have the option to spend some points, or save them for later.  You can also redeem points for a variety of other things like food & drinks, event entry fees, discounted memberships/renewals, BKG brand merchandise (T-Shirts, Dice, etc.) and many other things.  This gives you a ton of flexibility to use the membership however you see fit.

Two Levels of Membership + Family Deals
We will now have two levels of Memberships: regular Stronghold Memberships, and advanced-level Red Card Memberships.  Both memberships will earn Stronghold Points, give access to the awesome new Stronghold Game Lounge, get  discounts on snacks, drinks and tournaments, and give access to our upcoming Game Share program.  And, that’s not event everything!  The Stronghold Membership will be $25 annually.  The Red Card Membership also lasts a year and costs $100.

The Red Card gives you all the perks of the regular membership.  These exclusive members earn points faster, get a big points bonus for signing up, and get a ton of points every month added to their accounts.  Red Card Members may bring a buddy with them to the Stronghold Game Lounge, get a special limited-edition Red Card Gift (different every year), and get a free Game Share each month.  Every three months we will be holding an exclusive Round Table Meeting, hosted by myself, which all Red Card Members will be invited to attend.  At these meetings we will serve snacks and drinks and will discuss upcoming events, policies, products, and anything else relevant to our members.  This will provide our most loyal and committed customers the chance to have their opinions heard and to influence things here at BKG.

Family Memberships will cost less than the cost of two memberships and will allow multiple people from the same family to use the Stronghold Lounge, get discounts on snacks and drinks, and all the other great perks.  The family would share the points and other rewards, and earn them together as well.  This new option will be available for both regular and Red Card level memberships, and is more affordable than having to buy a membership for each person.

BK CelebrationHappy Birthday!
All Stronghold Members will receive a $5.00 discount on a purchase during the month of their birthday, as a Happy Birthday from us!  Red Card Members receive $10 off a purchase as their gift.

What Happens to My Existing Membership?
If you had an active membership with us we have automatically upgraded you to the new system – no need to buy a new membership until the old one expires.  We have already gone through and thoroughly updated everything so check in with us to see when your upgraded membership expires.

New Memberships
If you are excited about this program then you can already buy a new membership, including family and Red Card versions.  Some of the great perks that come with the new memberships aren’t in effect yet, and won’t be until we open the new location with the Stronghold Game Lounge, and the Game Share program.  Any membership purchased before the move will last a full year from the day we re-open; any time before then will be a bonus.

We will be running a great fund-raising campaign shortly, and many of the perks will reward donors with memberships.  So, it may make sense for you to wait until we launch that program (in a week or two) to decide which membership you want.

We have been working on this new program for a long time, and I really think that it is going to be great for our customers.  The new memberships will allow us to maintain an amazing new gaming space, while at the same time giving our members deals and savings.  Hopefully you will find all of the new options and flexibility appealing too!  If you have any questions at all feel free to ask, or check out the Stronghold Rewards Page for further details.  We will be posting an FAQ in a few days to help answer some of the most common questions.

~The Black Knight

Black Knight Games is Moving!

Back in October we announced our plans to expand Black Knight Games as well as several other new programs and initiatives that we were hoping to launch.  We called it ‘The New Black Knight Games’.

A lot has changed since October, but we are finally ready to move forward with all of our grand plans.  Our original plan was to annex a portion of the basement from the next door and open a new gaming area.  That plan gradually fell apart as various construction and logistic concerns began to accumulate ultimately road-blocking the whole project.  Undeterred, and anxious to find more space to expand, we began to explore other options while still trying to make the original plan work.  After months of evaluating, negotiating, and planning we finally have our solution – and I think it’s even better than the original plan – we will be moving Black Knight Games two doors down and will occupy the majority of the former Valentino’s restaurant space.

This move will give us 75% more space upstairs (about 50% more space in total).  It will also give us a great opportunity to create a much better layout, and to learn from the six years we’ve been in business.  We plan to make good use of the clean-slate we are getting, and we have some great ideas on how to make the space even better.

The New Black Knight Games will have bigger, more comfortable bathrooms – both men’s and women’s – and they won’t be down rickety stairs!

The New Black Knight Games will have a bigger gaming space, which will allow us to run bigger events, and more events!  Gone will be the days of showing up only to find that a tournament has taken up all the space.

We plan on adding some great elements like a lounge space, televisions, premiums tables with amazing scenery, and even a bar!  We will be running an indiegogo fundraising campaign to help us make the space even better!

We will begin selling more food options, we will begin selling hot drinks, and we will begin selling BKG merchandise.

We are also going to initiate some great new programs when we move which includes:

A New Stronghold Member program: The new program will grant members access to the new  Stronghold Game Lounge.  Members will also earn points that can be spent on all sorts of great items like events, merchandise, food, and discounts.  The new program will give our members more perks, and more flexibility – rather than just getting a flat 5% discount members will be able to decide how to use their perks.  There will also be a second-tier of membership that will give our most loyal regulars even more perks – these members will be known as Red Card Members.

We will be introducing a great program for our members that will allow them to actually take board games home with them!  Game Share will give members a chance to rent the many amazing games that we have at Black Knight Games with no commitment to buying it – although if you like it the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price!


Pre-Played and Pre-Sorted Games: Black Knight Games will begin dealing in used, and opened games.  Customers will have the option to buy games that have been used, or games that have been opened only once.  All of these games will have their contents verified  by staff and nicely sorted in bags.  This will give customers both the option to trade in old titles they no longer play, and to be able to buy copies at a small discount with the confidence that the contents are still in great shape!

Floorplan ScanCheck out our current floor-plan for all the sweet sweet goodness!

The New Black Knight Games

These are exciting times at Black Knight Games, as we have several major improvements and programs that we are working on to make your BKG experience even better!  Rather than just unveiling all of these improvements one by one we decided that it made sense to launch them all together in one major announcement.  Over the next few months we will go into even more detail on each of these great new improvements, but for now let me present the exciting projects that we are working on as part of The New Black Knight Games:

The Stronghold Game Lounge

Over the next several months we will be working on a brand new gaming space that will more than double the amount of gaming that we can do at Black Knight Games.  The Stronghold Game Lounge will be an expansion in the basement that will be nearly as large as the entire upstairs of the store.  At the moment it is a simple and dingy basement space, but we will turn it in to an incredible, clean, and bright gaming area that any gamer will love to spend time in.  When not being used to increase the number and size of our events and tournaments, the space will be open exclusively to Stronghold Members.

This is by far the biggest project we have undertaken since opening our doors over five years ago.  There are many ideas to be discussed and planned out as we hope to make this space more than just a set of tables and chairs; we want to create an exciting place for you to spend your time.

There is a forum discussion about this HERE, join in and voice your opinions!

BKG Community Funding Project

We have enough funding together to make this new gaming area happen.  It’s going to exist.  However we would really love to make The Stronghold Game Lounge something really special.  To help add to the awesome we will be running an indiegogo crowd-funding campaign where all funds raised will go to making the space amazing.  We would love to add things like a lounge area, great art to add to the atmosphere, fun entertainments like a video-game console, or a foosball table.  We would very much like to have some beautiful premium tables with amazing terrain.  We want to add food and drink options to include more than just chips and pop, but also simple meals and hot drinks like coffee or tea.

And, here is the piece-de-resistance: we want to open up this new space to be a licensed bar, allowing our gamers to have a beer with their Warhammer, and allowing us to run events like Drinking and Drafting (A Note to all responsible parents: If we achieve this objective alcohol would only be served at clear and designated times, by properly trained staff.  These times would be for those of age only).

So to help us get from ‘Room with tables and chairs’ to ‘incredible gaming area of your dreams’ we will need your help.  In our campaign we will reward donors with great perks based on how much was donated.  Donors will receive cool rewards and exclusive swag like Stronghold Memberships, T-Shirts, Playmats, Dice, and other even more impressive prizes like free tournaments for a year!  Every donor will also find their name on the Wall of Heroes in the new game lounge so everyone will know they helped found (and fund) the new area.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info once we launch our campaign.

Updated Stronghold Membership Program

It has been almost four years since we last changed how our Stronghold Membership program works.  Since then we have had many great ideas on ways to improve the program and make your shopping at BKG even more rewarding.  A new Stronghold Member program will be unveiled soon, and it will include several major changes:

  • There will now be additional levels to the Stronghold Membership, allowing our most loyal and committed gamers even more rewards.
  • Members will get even more benefits, including access to the new Stronghold Game Lounge as well as other perks.
  • Members will get reward options.  Discounts are still available, but other options like Free Entry in to a Tournament, Free Snacks, or Free T-Shirts will be available as well.

Please note that anyone with an existing membership will automatically transfer over to the new improved system, and any existing store credit will be maintained as well.  We will do our best to make sure that the transfer to the new program does not hinder you in any way.

GameShare Program

We will be presenting a new program to our customers called GameShare.  GameShare will allow you to pick games off of the wall, open them up and play with them.  Or, better yet, take them home and play!  Yes, you will be able to turn Black Knight Games in to your own personal gaming library.  GameShare will allow you to try out the many titles carried by Black Knight Games, and make informed decisions to help you buy the right game for you.

More information will be coming soon, but one thing is for certain: GameShare will make buying board-games easier!

Pre-Played & Pre-Sorted Board Games

To go along with the new GameShare program Black Knight Games will begin trading for and selling pre-played board games.  We will have three classifications of board games in the store, and it will be clearly marked which one is which.  New games will be games that have never been opened.  Pre-Sorted games have been opened, but have been only lightly used, they will be well-sorted in to baggies, and double-checked to ensure all of the contents are there and in great condition.  They will then be sealed in shrink-wrap and marked with a Pre-Sorted sticker.  Pre-Played games have been played more than once or twice, but will be sorted and have contents confirmed before being shrink-wrapped and marked with a Pre-Played sticker.  Pre-Played games will be discounted.

This new program will also allow you to trade in games, in exchange for store credit!  We will verify the contents, sort it, and mark it as Pre-Played.  And, you can spend the credit on  a new game!


We are very excited to be bringing you so many great new projects, and we hope that you are excited by them too!  Please check back regularly to see how we are progressing, and certainly leave us some feedback.  We will be starting a series of topics on the community forum to allow you to give us your ideas and feedback, so be sure to participate!

~The Black Knight

Coming Soon: Knightly Orders!!!

Stay tuned in for more info on a major new program we will be running at Black Knight Games.  Knightly Orders will give you, our valued customers, the power to create your own store events, gaming groups, rewards for gaming, and for teaching new gamers, and much much more.  We are very excited about this at Black Knight Games, and think that you will love this new program.

More information to come on how you can establish your very own Knightly Order, and all of the great perks that comes with doing so coming later this week!


~The Black Knight

BKG to stock full P3 & Vallejo paints!

Some exciting news for the painters out there: Black Knight Games will now be stocking two great new paint ranges, Vallejo’s Game Colour line, and Privateer Press’ Formula P3 line!  That’s right, we are tripling the number of paint ranges that you can choose from.  Let me tell you a little bit about these new lines.

Vallejo is known as one of, if not the premier miniature paint line.  Vallejo is a Spanish company, and they carry several lines of paints, including Model Air, Panzer Aces, Model Colour and the line that we will be stocking: Game Colour.  Game Colour has a large line of paints that are colour-matched to the Citadel colours that most of you are used to.  This includes a match to older colours like Tentacle Pink or Chestnut Ink.  Vallejo paints are 17ml, so you getting 5ml more in a Vallejo pot then you are in a Citadel one.  The paints are in dropper bottle format, so you can’t paint directly from the pot, but you will find your paints will not dry out nearly at all, and mixing colours is easier since you can use a certain number of drops.  The Vallejo line also has a number of interesting mediums, like metalic medium which makes any colour into a metalic, or gloss medium which turns any colour glossy.  So check out this new line, which should be arriving in about a week’s time.

Formula P3 is the paint range made by Privateer Press, and is the one primarily used by Warmachine & Hordes players.  The nice thing about P3 is that the colours are totally different colour tones then the Citadel ones.  You also get the most paint for your dollar in this range, since these paints will come in at about $4.00, but each pot has 22ml of paint in it!  That’s almost double the content of a Citadel pot, for equal or less money.  P3 has some great paint sets as well for each Warmachine &  Hordes faction.  More paint for your buck & more colour options is what this range will bring us.  This line should be available in a couple of weeks time.

Introducing the Black Knight & Contest

I would like to introduce you to our new cartoon mascot!  We will be using this guy on our website, online store, fliers, ads and even places like T-Shirts!  I’m really happy with how he turned out, so a big thanks goes to Jordan from Digital Henchmen Studios!

We have a good variety of different poses and looks for the new mascot, so keep your eye out for him in the future (we even have him wearing power armour, and dressed like a warcaster).

Now, on to the fun part.  We are going to let you guys name him.  There will be a ‘name the mascot’ contest.  If you think you have a good name you would like to submit please do so, the winner of the contest (based on the name we choose) will win a $20.00 Black Knight Games gift card!

You can submit your names by either emailing us at or you can PM me on our forum, username The Black Knight.  Submissions are due by Saturday, April 16th!