Canada Day

Black Knights Games wishes you and yours a very happy Canada Day!

We will be closed in-store tomorrow, July 1st, so there are no appointments, deliveries, or pick-ups happening tomorrow – although you can certainly still shop with us online (any orders will be processed the following day).

In fact we would love for you to give our new webstore a try, so use the code CANADA2020 tomorrow (July 1st) to get 15% off any order!

Either way we hope you are able to take a break, we all could use one. 2020 has given us a lot to be frustrated with, but it’s also put in to strong relief whats really important. Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. We miss you all so much, we miss running events, we miss having people just drop by for a chat, and we miss getting you the things you love face to face.

So we really hope you are able to enjoy your Canada Day, treat yourself, take a break, and rest-up because we’ve got a ways to go before we all get through this together – and we’re gonna need you. Let’s go Canada, we got this!

Stay Safe, Keep Going, and Game On!

Closed for Victoria Day

While Black Knight Games remains closed to the public we have been getting you the games you need through curbside pickup and BKG Delivery.

That said, we will be closed on Monday, May 18th for Victoria Day.

We will be back to our regular routine on Tuesday offering curbside and delivery.

Legally businesses like ours will be allowed to open to the public following Victoria Day once appropriate precautions have been set up in the store. We will no be ready for that. However we will be using Victoria Day to get more ready. We can’t wait to allow you to stop in and browse our wares, but we won’t take that step until we feel we are absolutely ready. Safety for our community and our staff are our top priority.

BKG Delivery Closed for Holidays

Black Knight Games remains closed to the public, but we are still doing our best to keep you supplied with fun and games to occupy you during these days of isolation through our BKG Delivery.

We will be shutting down for part of the holiday weekend however:

FRI, Apr 10 (Good Friday): CLOSED
SAT, Apr 11: Taking Orders from 12pm-5pm
SUN, Apr 12 (Easter Sunday): CLOSED
MON, Apr 13 (Easter Monday): Taking Orders from 2pm-8pm

We hope you and yours stay safe and have a pleasant holiday weekend. Be sure to check in on those family and friends that might be feeling lonely during the holiday, we all need each other to get through this!

Easter & Good Friday: We’re Open!

Happy Easter Long Weekend!

Black Knight Games will be open our usual hours for Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday this weekend – so Yes, we’re open!

Friday we are hosting our usual FNMs
Saturday we’ve got a Warhammer Underworlds tournament and Warmachine & Hordes Tournament
Sunday we are hosting a Painting Table event, and the big Pokémon Prerelease for the new set!

We hope your long weekend is full of fun, friends, and family!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are Open!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Black Knight Games is open today.

This year we are thankful for:

  • Amazing Customers
  • Enthusiastic Staff & Volunteers
  • Awesome new games
  • Plastic Glue & Deck Protectors

Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday, full of great food, conversation, and games!

Labour Day: We Are Open!

Today is Labour Day, and BKG will be open for our normal Monday hours.  So come on by and enjoy your last moments of summer break with us!

We will also be hosting our Age of Sigmar: Call to Arms Finale party tonight for all the C2A participants!  Come in, complete or not, and get to know the community – pizza is on me!

Happy Birthday Canada! We’re Open

Black Knight Games will be open Sunday, July 1st (Canada Day) – so come in out of the heat and hang out with us!

No only are we open our usual Sunday hours, but we will be running a couple great events including a Pokemon Tournament, and a Magic: the Gathering Open House!

Family Day – We are Open!

It’s the long weekend, and on Monday we celebrate Family Day – which is a great holiday where we are all encouraged to spend some time with those we love.

Black Knight Games will be open on Family Day, so feel free to drop in and grab a board game or something to play with your family!  Or, perhaps, some of the people you love are members of the Black Knight gaming community – in which case come and hang out with them here!

Happy Family Day!

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Open Labour Day

Black Knight Games will be open from 12:00pm – 10:00pm today, so feel free to join us for some fun and games this long weekend!

Hope everyone enjoys their last day off before school begins!