Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition

9th Edition for Warhammer 40,000 Releases on July 25th! There are several amazing items coming out, but none more impressive than the Indomitus Starter Set – available for only a limited time. We have put together some awesome Preorder Specials which will include our Indomitus Celebration Pack which will have all kinds of goodies in it – trust us it’s gonna be sweet!

Reserve yours now before it’s too late! #new40k #bkg

Stronghold Membership Lockdown

Normally our Stronghold Memberships are an annual purchase expiring at the end of June.  This year with the COVID-19 lockdown those plans have been disrupted.

Truthfully we don’t know what we want to do for our memberships this year, there is just so much up in the air.  Are rewards that include events, or cards that need to be stamped worth having?  Not right now they aren’t, but hopefully at some point this year they will be.

So we are introducing the Stronghold Membership LOCKDOWN.

Basically for a very small fee you will be able to put a pin in your membership.  Until such a time as we are able to launch our next annual Stronghold Membership you will get:

-Your Stronghold Points bonus extended past June indefinitely – until our next membership launches.
-Access to a Stronghold Newsletter which will include regular promotions, sales, and discount codes for our website – we won’t spam you though!
-Your membership remains active, so you will gain any bonuses when renewing next time.
-The $10 cost of this item will immediately be sent right back to you as an electronic Gift Card for the webstore – so it’s practically FREE!


If you are a Premium Stronghold Member (Red Card) you can extend yours the same way.  You will already be familiar with the concept of the rewards newsletter, and you will continue to get perks in addition to the ones offered by the regular Stronghold Newsletter!

You’ve got some time to jump onboard as event without the Stronghold Membership Lockdown all membership perks will be extended beyond the July 1 expiration date for everyone for the next two weeks automatically anyhow, with the new expiration date being July 15th.

So be sure to support BKG and grab your Stronghold Membership Lockdown soon, get your money right back as a gift card, get access to regular promotions, and perks that will continue until we launch our next Stronghold Membership some day off in the future!

Canada Day

Black Knights Games wishes you and yours a very happy Canada Day!

We will be closed in-store tomorrow, July 1st, so there are no appointments, deliveries, or pick-ups happening tomorrow – although you can certainly still shop with us online (any orders will be processed the following day).

In fact we would love for you to give our new webstore a try, so use the code CANADA2020 tomorrow (July 1st) to get 15% off any order!

Either way we hope you are able to take a break, we all could use one. 2020 has given us a lot to be frustrated with, but it’s also put in to strong relief whats really important. Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. We miss you all so much, we miss running events, we miss having people just drop by for a chat, and we miss getting you the things you love face to face.

So we really hope you are able to enjoy your Canada Day, treat yourself, take a break, and rest-up because we’ve got a ways to go before we all get through this together – and we’re gonna need you. Let’s go Canada, we got this!

Stay Safe, Keep Going, and Game On!

MTG: Core Set 2021 Prerelease Hangout

This weekend is the Core Set 2021 Prerelease Weekend! And while we aren’t able to host our usual packed-store prerelease events, that doesn’t mean we can’t get together, experience the set a bit, crack some packs, and win some prizes – we just have to get a bit creative! We will be gathering folks on Zoom on the Saturday night of prerelease weekend to Chill with Phil with a Core Set 2021 Prerelease Hangout!

How it will work:
Phil will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting. Jump on, chat about all things M21, crack some prerelease packs, and just visit with the members of the community you miss! We encourage you to keep some of your M21 product sealed so that you can open it on the stream because we will have a prize/contests for those that do!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our community even through all this, so Phil will have a little challenge or contest or giveaway for those participating. There will be a prize of some sort relating to the cards people crack on the stream too.

How and When to Join:
Saturday, June 27th from 6:30pm – 830pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID:  915 1474 7534
Password: core2021

MTG: Core Set 2021 Singles Opening Hangout

It feels like just yesterday that Ikoria dropped, but believe it or not it’s M21 time! One of the steps we always take when a new set arrives is to open up some for the store to kick off our MTG singles collection for the new set. With Ikoria we tried something new for the first time and loved the response, so we’re trying it again: a Zoom Hangout where we open up the packs for our singles!

How it will work:
Several staff will be taking home sealed Core Set 21 stock to open up, and we will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting where they will be opening it all up. Members of the BKG community are encouraged to join us and virtually hang out while we do so, talking about everything from the new set, to how we’re keeping sane during lockdown!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our M21 Launch experience, so we will be doing a couple things to keep you engaged and reward your participation. First of all, ‘Dibs’ will be in effect for those that are watching. If you see a card you really want opened you can let us know and we will put it aside for you! Secondly, we will be doing some fun give-aways and maybe even a little competition or two. So just by watching you can win some free Magic stuff!

How and When to Join:
Monday, June 29th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID:  917 1020 4239
Password: core2021

MTG Core Set 2021 Preorder Specials

We learned a lot from the Ikoria release, and are now ready to begin looking forward to Core Set 2021! Wizards of the Coast have added loads to cool incentives, and we’ve tossed in our own, with this major release. The COVID-19 lockdown continues to add an unexpected twist, so here is everything you need to know about getting Core Set 2021 in to YOUR home from Black Knight Games, your friendly local game store!

How can I get some from you?:
Black Knight Games is currently offering curbsite pickup and delivery options, and you can also book an appointment to visit us in-store. We have also set up our online store portal so you can now easily place preorders on our website! But you can certainly message us, call and place an order, or arrange you preorder in person with an appointment.

Love Your Local Game Store Promotion:
Wizards of the Coast have launched a special promotion called ‘Love Your Local Game Store’! Thanks to this promotion we have EVEN MORE cool promos to give out and stack on your purchases! While supplies last ALL purchases get a free Reliquary Tower promo, and all booster box sales (any set) get a Mechagodzilla/Hangarback Walker promo! Additionally you’ll have access to promos for their Cats VS Dogs promotion on Arena! And all of that stacks on the deals below!!

What can I get, and when?:
You can get all sorts of amazing new products from Core Set 2021, here is a summary of them and when they will become available to you, including three Preorder Specials!:

Ikoria Item Price Available
Preorder Special: Booster Box
(Draft Booster Box + Buy-a-Box Promo + 1 BONUS Collector Booster + Love Your Local Game Store Promos + Free Delivery)
$179.99 FRI, June 26
(Must Be Ordered by JUL 2)
Preorder Special: Collector Booster Box
(Draft Booster Box + Buy-a-Box Promo + 1 BONUS Collector Booster + Love Your Local Game Store Promos + Free Delivery)
$374.99 FRI, June 26
(Must Be Ordered by JUL 2)
Preorder Special: Prerelease at Home
Get 1, 2, or 6 Prerelease Packs and get BONUS booster packs (prize packs) + Love Your Local Game Store Promos:
1 Prerelease Pack: 2 Prize Boosters
2 Prerelease Packs: 6 Prize Boosters
6 Prerelease Packs: 18 Prize Boosters + Buy-a-Box Promos + Free Delivery
1: $39.99
2: $79.99
6: 239.99
FRI, June 26
(Must Be Ordered by JUL 2)
Draft Booster Box
36 Normal Ikoria Boosters + Buy-a-Box Promo
$179.99 FRI, June 26
Draft Booster Packs
Individual Booster Packs, Buy 3 get a deal
FRI, July 3
Collector Booster Box
12 Collector Booster Packs + Buy-a-Box Promo
$374.99 FRI, July 3
Collector Booster Packs
Individual Collector Booster Packs, Buy 3 get a deal
FRI, July 3
Planeswalker Decks: (Available in 5 Types) $16.99 FRI, July 3
Prerelease Pack
6 Booster Packs, a D20, a Foil Promo Rare
$37.99 FRI, June 26
MTG Bundle
Includes 10 Boosters, 20 Foil Lands, Alt-art Promo
$59.99 FRI, July 3

But what about singles!?:
We will be opening up plenty of Core Set 2021 to sell you some singles. Our singles will go on sale as soon as we can get them on our webstore on or after June 3rd. Before that we will be hosting another Zoom hangout with some staff as they open things up. You’re welcome to join in, chat about the new set, and put your dibs on any cards we crack before they become available to anyone else! It was a ton of fun for the Ikoria set, and we plan to make this an event with each set!

Will there be any remote or in-store release events for Ikoria?:
We will not be hosting any events in our space any time soon. We will be looking at ways that we might do some fun online stuff involving Core Set 2021, so keep your eyes open for any news in that regard.

Thank you so much for your support throughout all of this. It has been so crucial to have our loyal community members supporting us during this crisis. Thanks for showing us that you Love Your Local Game Store – we love you too, and will continue to work hard to adapt to the current conditions and serve our amazing gaming community!

Open by Appointment – June

We are very excited to announce that we are now almost ready to welcome customers back in to our store! It has been a delicate process to decide the right approach to keep customers and staff safe, while at the same time allowing our community to enjoy an in-store shopping experience.

Beginning on Monday, June 1st we will be allowing customers back in to the store by appointment. There will be no more that one customer (plus members of their household) in at any given time.

  • Appointments will be 15 minutes long
  • We ask that people clean their hands when they enter, and wear masks throughout their visit (as will staff). Masks will be provided if you don’t have one, and there will be fresh gloves and hand sanitizer available too. Please don’t come in with gloves that you’ve been wearing in other locations.

If you need longer than 15 mins you can contact us in advance to arrange it, but we are hoping people can keep to that window to allow as many people as we can to come through.

Curbside & Delivery:
We are still absolutely offering our Curbside Pickup (10am-8pm MON-SAT, 12pm-3pm SUN), and our BKG Delivery, so those are both totally valid options – so if you are uncomfortable with coming in, or if you can’t/don’t want to wear a mask we can still definitely serve you through those options.

We’ve been working hard to make sure our space is ready for you, including moving things around, adding safety elements like a till-shield, social-distancing signage, etc. We look forward to seeing some of you in the store soon, and look forward to the day that we can resume our usual operations.

We’ll all get through this together, so thank you very much for your support throughout this time, stay safe, and have fun!

New Online Store

Black Knight Games is very excited to announce our new Online Store & Website!

We had begun working on a new website to catalog and sell our Magic Singles before the COVID-19 lockdown began with the intention of offering an improved buying experience for singles specifically. But, with the changes we are all facing we saw the merits of making this website more than just Magic.

At the moment you can see and buy all of our products from the new MTG Ikoria set, including the singles, but we are working hard to add additional items to our site including things like Warhammer, Board Games, Pokémon, new ranges like Puzzles, and of course the rest of our MTG Singles (the original purpose of the site to begin with).

Just like when you make a normal purchase over the phone, email, or messenger, you can select pickup or BKG Delivery within the Hamilton region.

Our intention is to get much more of our store’s inventory online soon so that you can see what is in stock, and browse at your own pace. It’s a pretty huge task with thousands of items, and thousands of cards to inventory, but we are on it. We also plan on making this new site our main website, so things like events, store programs, and the blog will find their way over there soon.

We thank you so much for supporting Black Knight Games throughout this time, and we are excited to be working on a way to make your shopping experience with us easier.

Closed for Victoria Day

While Black Knight Games remains closed to the public we have been getting you the games you need through curbside pickup and BKG Delivery.

That said, we will be closed on Monday, May 18th for Victoria Day.

We will be back to our regular routine on Tuesday offering curbside and delivery.

Legally businesses like ours will be allowed to open to the public following Victoria Day once appropriate precautions have been set up in the store. We will no be ready for that. However we will be using Victoria Day to get more ready. We can’t wait to allow you to stop in and browse our wares, but we won’t take that step until we feel we are absolutely ready. Safety for our community and our staff are our top priority.

Zoom Hangout: MTG

Last night we hosted a Zoom Hangout where we were cracking the store’s mtg singles from Ikoria and members of the comunity joined in to chat and get dibs on stuff we opened. Well it went very well, and we are eager to provide more similar opportunities for the MTG community to hang out together during all this! So tomorrow we are going to try another Zoom Hangout – this time one where you can chat about the new set, games on Arena, and maybe even open up some of the packs you got from us!

How it will work:
We will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting with a staff moderator. Jump on, chat about all things MTG, and just visit with the members of the community you miss! We encourage you to keep some of your Ikoria product sealed so that you can open it on the stream because we will have a prize/contest for those that do!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our community even through all this, so our staff moderator will have a little challenge or contest or giveaway for those participating. There will be a prize of some sort relating to the cards people crack on the stream too 😉

How and When to Join:
Saturday, May 16th from 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID: 924 0822 7832
Password: ikoria